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Duck And Cover

In this 1951 Civil Defense film, Bert The Turtle tells children how to protect themselves in the case of a nuclear attack.

Duck and Cover is a civil defense social guidance film that is often popularly mischaracterized as propaganda.

Film production started in 1951 and it gained its first public screening in January 1952 during the era after the Soviet Union began nuclear testing in 1949 and the Korean War (1950–53) was in full swing.

Funded by the US Federal Civil Defense Administration, it was written by Raymond J. Mauer, directed by Anthony Rizzo of Archer Productions, narrated by actor Robert Middleton and made with the help of schoolchildren from New York City and Astoria, New York.

It was shown in schools as the cornerstone of the government's "duck and cover" public awareness campaign, being aired to generations of United States school children from the early 1950s until 1991.