Living with Dolly Parton

Asking difficult questions often comes at a cost.

“A Place to Die”: Law and Political Economy in the 1970s

What the substandard conditions at a Pittsburgh nursing home revealed about the choices made by lawmakers and judges.
book review

MLK: What We Lost

50 years after King's death, his image has been transformed and stripped of its radicalism.
book excerpt

Frank Rizzo and the Making of Modern American Politics

An excerpt from Timothy Lombardo's "Blue Collar Conservatism: Frank Rizzo’s Philadelphia and Populist Politics ."

"The Most Potent Money Power": Slave Traders, Dark Money, and Elections

In the midst of the secession crisis, Unionists accused slave traders of waging an assault on democracy.

Our Genes, Ourselves

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Was Gary Hart Set Up?

On his deathbed, GOP strategist Lee Atwater admitted he staged the events that brought down a Democratic presidential candidate.
book review

The Dual Defeat

Hubert Humphrey and the unmaking of Cold War liberalism.
digital history

Electing the House of Representatives

A series of interactive maps showing the results of nearly two centuries of congressional elections.

Inherited Trauma Shapes Your Health

A new study on Civil War prisoners suggests that our parents’—and even grandparents’—experiences might affect our DNA.

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