The Man Who Broke Politics

Gingrich turned partisan battles into bloodsport, wrecked Congress, and paved the way for Trump’s rise. Now he’s reveling in it.

Here Is a Human Being

The Spotify and Ancestry partnership proposes to entertain users based on the narrowest possible conception of who they are.

Our Genes, Ourselves

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digital history

Electing the House of Representatives

A series of interactive maps showing the results of nearly two centuries of congressional elections.
book review

An Enduring Shame

A new book chronicles the shocking, decades-long effort to combat venereal disease by locking up girls and women.

Sears’s ‘Radical’ Past

How mail-order catalogues subverted the racial hierarchy of Jim Crow.

How Pocahontas—The Myth and the Slur—Props Up White Supremacy

The roots of the attacks on Elizabeth Warren.

Is Elizabeth Warren Native American?

What the DNA controversy reveals about race, identity politics, and the Native American present.
first person

How We Roasted Donald Duck, Disney's Agent of Imperialism

Why a 47-year old anti-colonialist critique by Chilean dissidents may be newly relevant in the Trump era.

Mum’s the Word

In the height of the Cold War, the NSA created a series of posters to keep its secrets from leaking. They're both wonderful and creepy.

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