The Power of Supreme Court Choices

A combative approach from George H.W. Bush put Clarence Thomas on the court and and has been embraced by Mitch McConnell's GOP.

Japan Attacks Pearl Harbor

What the immediate aftermath of the bombing looked like from the cockpit of a Japanese plane.
origin story

How George H.W. Bush Enabled the Rise of the Religious Right

Religious conservatives used the Bush presidency to launch their takeover of the GOP.
origin story

How Salvation Army’s Red Kettles Became a Christmas Tradition

The 140-year journey from the streets of London's East End to the parking lot of your nearest mall.

The Missing Malcolm X

Our understanding of Malcolm X is inextricably linked to his autobiography, but newly discovered materials force us to reexamine his legacy.
book review

The Question Without a Solution

The horrors of the fugitive slave laws, the costs of union, and the value of comity.

Atlanta's Famed Cyclorama Mural Will Tell the Truth About the Civil War Once Again

One of the war's greatest battles was fought again and again on a spectacular canvas nearly 400 feet long. At last, the real history is being restored.
book review

If You Smell Something, Say Something

City dwellers of the 19th century were dogged by a foul terror: miasma.

Here are the Biggest Fiction Bestsellers of the Last 100 Years

(And what everyone read instead.)

Fear of Frying

A brief history of Trans Fats.

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