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Iraq, 15 Years Later

Fifteen years after the U.S. invasion, there’s no satisfying answer to the question: What were we doing in Iraq anyway?

Billy Graham’s Legacy

A roundup of historians' commentary about Billy Graham in the wake of his death.

How Charles Koch Is Helping Neo-Confederates Teach College Students

The Koch Foundation is often praised for its higher-ed funding, but the money is going to some radical professors.

At Columbia, Revisiting the Revolutionary Students of 1968

50 years later, protesters reflect on the long-neglected story of the African-American students who occupied one building.

The Right Way to Remember Rachel Carson

She did not write her most famous work until late in life. Until then, she thought of herself as a poet of the sea.

It’s Time for Historians of Slavery to Listen to Economists

Economic analyses of the antebellum era show upend the notion that Southern whites were united in their support of slavery.
media criticism

Did you know the CIA _____?

Errol Morris and the hot cold war.

The “Ground Zero Mosque” Controversy Was a Harbinger Of Our Times

Glimpses of Trumpism-to-come in 2010 protests against a proposed mosque in lower Manhattan.

Agriculture Wars

On country music as a lens through which to trace the corporatization of American farming.

Canned Food History

A conversation with Anna Zeide about her book, “Canned: The Rise and Fall of Consumer Confidence in the American Food Industry.”

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