origin story

How Republicans Became Anti-Choice

The Republican Party used control of women’s bodies as political capital to shift the balance of power their way.

Trump’s Love for Tariffs Began in Japan’s ’80s Boom

Trump's affinity for tariffs hasn't wavered since the 1980s.
digital history

Mapping the First Party System

Introducing a new digital history project focused on the ways Americans voted from 1788 to 1825.

Brown v. Board of Education

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Evangelicals and Immigration: A Conflicted History

Before the 1990s, evangelical Christians were busier resettling newly arrived refugees than trying to keep them out.

Iran Hawks Are the New Iraq Hawks

Many of the assumptions that guided America’s march to conflict in 2003 still dominate American foreign policy today.   

On the Range

Excavations at a ranch in the southern High Plains show how generations of people adapted to an iconic Western landscape.
book review

No Man’s Land

In ignoring the messy realities of westward expansion, McCullough’s "The Pioneers" is both incomplete and dull.

Tom Petty: A Cool, Gray Neo-Confederate?

Michael Washburn explains what we can glean from the failure of Tom Petty's 1985 concept album "Southern Accents."
first person

It Was History All Along, Mom

Why did I never recognize all the important and valuable stories my mother told me as "history"?

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