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Renewing Inequality

An interactive set of maps documenting the more than 300,000 families displaced by urban renewal projects between 1955 and 1966.

Snails, Hedgehog Heads and Stale Beer

A peek inside premodern cookbooks.
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The Populist Power of the American Trucker

How did truckers nudge the American economy toward deregulation?

The Way We Tax

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Why Ajit Pai is Wrong About Net Neutrality

FCC regulations have long promoted innovation that benefits consumers, not stifled it.

U.S. Wildfire Causes 1980-2016

Lighting, trash burning, powerlines, playing with matches – how do they rank as causes of wildfire?
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How the U.S. Aided Robert Mugabe’s Rise

Cold War politics empowered democracy — and dictatorship.
book review

The Brutal Origins of Gun Rights

A new history argues that the Second Amendment was intended to perpetuate white settlers' violence toward Native Americans.

Simeon Booker, Intrepid Chronicler of Civil Rights Struggle for Jet and Ebony, Dies at 99

He risked his life to expose Emmett Till’s death and the Freedom Rides to a national audience.
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Board Games Were Indoctrination Tools for Christ, Then Capitalism

The very weird tale of how American board games used to teach you how to get to heaven, and later, how to make bank.

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