Create an Assignment and invite your students to create and submit their own Collections from Bunk History.

Assignments allow educators to create a simple page with instructions and an optional due date and then easily gather Collections created by students.

Create an Assignment

Start your Assignment by entering your name and email address. Then give your Assignment a title, an optional due date, and instructions. Click Create Assignment, and you’ll receive an email with an ID code unique to your Assignment along with a shareable link.

You can provide either the ID code or the link or both to your students:

  • If you provide the ID code, students will need to include it when submitting their Collection to your Assignment.
  • If you provide the shareable link, ensure your students click Start a Collection button on the Assignment page to ensure that their Collection is submitted to your Assignment.

Whenever a Collection is submitted to your Assignment, you’ll receive an email notification. If you would like a complete list of all Collections submitted to your Assignment, use the form below.

Create an Assignment

Already created an Assignment? View all submitted Collections

Enter your email address and the Assignment’s six-character ID code to retrieve a list of Collections submitted to your Assignment.