Tearing Down Black America

Policing is not the only kind of state violence. City governments have demolished hundreds of Black neighborhoods in the name of urban renewal.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaks during coronavirus briefing

Cities and States Need Aid — But Also Oversight

Federal funding during and after the New Deal ended up hurting cities because of who spent it and how.

Infrastructure is Good for Business

During the Depression, business leaders knew that public works funding was key to economic growth. Why have we forgotten that lesson?

Renewing Inequality

An interactive set of maps documenting the more than 300,000 families displaced by urban renewal projects between 1955 and 1966.

The Supply-Side Swindle

For decades, the GOP has used tax cuts to achieve its political goals. So why do Dems keep treating "supply-side" as an economic strategy?

The Problem with "Reagan Democrats"

Does the trope obscure more than it illuminates about the 2016 election?

Trump and the Historians

What the election of 2016 should mean for the future of studying the past.

The Deeper Problem Behind the Sale of a Posh San Francisco Street

The news that a posh San Francisco street was sold for delinquent taxes exposes the deeper issue with America’s local revenue system.
Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich.

They Were Made for Each Other

How Newt Gingrich laid the groundwork for Donald Trump's rise.