The original members of the hip-hop group De La Soul.

Hip-Hop at Fifty: An Elegy

A generation is still dying younger than it should—this time, of “natural causes.”
Bell in 1980. He handled civil-rights cases, then came to question their impact.

The Man Behind Critical Race Theory

As an attorney, Derrick Bell worked on many civil-rights cases, but his doubts about their impact launched a groundbreaking school of thought.
Newark protesters and National Guard

A Warning Ignored

America did exactly what the Kerner Commission on the urban riots of the mid-1960s advised against, and fifty years later reaped the consequences it predicted.
The GOP elephant depicted as falling apart

What Is Happening to the Republicans?

In becoming the party of Trump, the G.O.P. confronts the kind of existential crisis that has destroyed American parties in the past.

The Essential and Enduring Strength of John Lewis

What the late civil-rights leader and congressman taught the nation.
Still from Black Panther film.

'Black Panther' and the Invention of 'Africa'

The film's hero and antagonist represent dueling responses to five centuries of African exploitation at the hands of the West.

From Louis Armstrong to the N.F.L: Ungrateful as the New Uppity

The belief endures, from Armstrong’s time that visible, affluent African-American entertainers are obliged to adopt a pose of ceaseless gratitude.

Trump’s Move to End DACA and Echoes of the Immigration Act of 1924

By ending DACA, President Trump seems to be trying to resurrect a national immigration policy defined by racial engineering.

Charlottesville and the Trouble with Civil War Hypotheticals

Only by the most specific, immediate definition can we consider the Confederacy to have lost the Civil War.
Violence during the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville on August 12, 2017.

The Battle of Charlottesville

What happened in Virginia was not the culminating battle of this conflict. It’s likely a tragic preface to more of the same.

Ben Carson, Donald Trump, and the Misuse of American History

The eliding of the ugliness of America's racial history is neither novel nor particularly surprising.