David Duke, a former Klansman and neo-Nazi, lost the race for governorship in Louisiana but won a majority of the white vote.

The American Election That Set the Stage for Trump

In the early nineties, the country turned against the establishment and right-wing populists thrived. A new history reassesses their impact.
A JDL ad from the New York Times.

False Prophet

Meir Kahane's Legacy in Israel and America.
Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin during the Cold War.

The Book of Liberal Maladies

On Samuel Moyn's Cold War liberalism.
Pat Buchanan

Good Old Pat

Reflecting on Pat Buchanan's legacy.
"Manhattan Nocturne," drawing of buildings by Armin Landeck (1938)

Excursus on the History of New York

The machine breaks down: A brief history of Tammany Hall.
Newt Gingrich and Bob Dole standing alongside an elephant on Capitol Hill, 1995.

Myths of Doom

Can the origins of today’s right be traced to the 1990s?
Postcard image of a painting of the Mayflower at sea.

Looking for an American Myth

The fevered hunt for basic symbols.
Socialist deputies march with strikers on February 12 1934.

Feb 6 1934/Jan 6 2021

What do the two events really have in common?

The Most Fascinating Riot You've Never Heard Of

The Astor Place Opera House Riot of 1849 combined two of 19th-century America’s favorite pastimes: going to the theater and rioting.
Pat Buchanan surrounded by balloons at a campaign rally.

The Year the Clock Broke

How the world we live in already happened in 1992.
Identification documents and photo of Hans Speier on the cover of "Democracy in Exile."

Killing Democracy to Save It

How an idealistic defense intellectual concluded that democracy is often its own worst enemy.