A mobile of the American flag's stars and bars hanging over a cradle.

Why Republicans Keep Calling for the End of Birthright Citizenship

It’s about more than immigration.
A page of the census documenting the enslaved people of John Hopkins, 1850.

Owner? Yes. Enslaver? Certainly.

Another chance to examine the terms we use and why they matter.
Illustration by Nilé Livingston of the many flags used throughout America as symbols of freedom, patriotism, and protest.

Scars and Stripes

Philadelphia gave America its flag, along with other enduring icons of nationhood. But for many, the red, white and blue banner embodies a legacy of injustice.

What the 19th Amendment Meant for Black Women

It wasn’t a culminating moment, but the start of a new fight to secure voting rights for all Americans.

The US Suffragette Movement Tried to Leave Out Black Women. They Showed Up Anyway

Racism and sexism were bound together in the fight to vote – and Black women made it clear they would never cede the question of their voting rights to others.
A statue of a woman and two children, with the photo taken at twilight with the moon in the background.

Mary McLeod Bethune Was at the Vanguard of More Than 50 Years of Black Progress

Winning the vote for women was a mighty struggle. Securing full liberation for women of color was no less daunting

Black Women’s 200 Year Fight for the Vote

For two centuries, black women have linked their ballot access to the human rights of all.

The Hidden Story of Two African American Women

An historian discovers the portraits of two women all bound up in the pages of a 19th-century book.

How New York’s New Monument Whitewashes the Women’s Rights Movement

It offers a narrow vision of the activists who fought for equality.

How the Daughters and Granddaughters of Former Slaves Secured Voting Rights for All

A look at the question of race versus gender in the quest for universal suffrage.

The Real Origins of Birthright Citizenship

Its purpose 150 years ago was to incorporate former slaves into the nation.

On Richard Blackett’s "The Captive Quest for Freedom"

Five historians weigh in on a new book about the 1850 Fugitive Slave Act.

Citizens: 150 Years of the 14th Amendment

In 1868, black activists had already been promoting birthright as the basis of their national belonging for nearly half a century.
Demonstrators protesting Trump's immigration policy toward Muslims outside the Supreme Court.

How To Resist Bad Supreme Court Rulings

What Dred Scott teaches us about thwarting bad law.
Football players with raised fists.

Trump Said Protesting NFL Players ‘Shouldn’t Be In This Country’

We should take him seriously. Black Americans have been threatened with deportation before and it never ends well.
Black legislators behind the title "The Future of Reconstruction Studies."

The Future of Reconstruction Studies

This online forum sponsored by the Journal of the Civil War Era features 9 essays and a roundtable on the future of Reconstruction Studies.

The 14th Amendment Solved One Citizenship Crisis, But It Created A New One

How birthright citizenship became a barrier for undocumented immigrants.