J. Edgar Hoover

J. Edgar Hoover Shaped US History for the Worse

As director of the FBI for decades, J. Edgar Hoover helped build a massive, professionalized national security state and hounded leftists out of public life.
Striking workers at General Motors in 1970.

Nelson Lichtenstein on a Half-Century of American Class Struggle

The esteemed labor historian reflects on his life and career, including Berkeley in the 1960s, Walter Reuther, the early UAW, Walmart, Bill Clinton, and more.
Mark Rudd addresses students as president of the Columbia chapter of Students for a Democratic Society on May 3, 1968.

Mark Rudd’s Lessons From SDS and the Weather Underground for Today’s Radicals

The famous activist reflects on what radicals like him got right and got wrong, and what today’s socialists should learn from his experiences.
A car being made in a car factory

Talking About Auto Work Means Talking About Constant, Brutal Violence

It's remembered as one of the best industrial jobs a worker could get in postwar America. Less remembered is how brutal life on the factory floor was – and still is.

Infiltrating the Left

The FBI has long tried to destroy socialist organizations, but its actions aren't limited to surveillance.
A memorial to those killed located in El Mozote, El Salvador. Archbishop Romero Trust.

Remember El Mozote

On December 11, 1981, El Salvador’s US-backed soldiers carried out one of the worst massacres in the history of the Americas at El Mozote.