Michael Koncewicz

Indochina Peace Campaign organizers hanging out in Tom Hayden and Jane Fonda's backyard in Santa Monica, California, in 1974.

Tom Hayden and Jane Fonda, Capitol Hill Antiwar Lobbyists

In 1974, after years of grinding war in Vietnam had exhausted most of the antiwar movement, Tom Hayden and Jane Fonda came up with a new strategy.

Howard Zinn Carried Out an Act of Radical Diplomacy in the Middle of the Vietnam War

The famous historian was also an antiwar activist who went to North Vietnam in 1968 to accompany three captured US pilots back home.
Henry Wallace.

The Past and Future of the Left in the Democratic Party

Centrist Democrats who blamed the left for election losses would do well to remember the people who have fought for and shaped the party’s history.
Rudy Giuliani speaking at a Trump rally

Republicans Won’t Speak Out Against Trump Because They’re Afraid Politically

And history says they have a reason to be.

‘Tin Soldiers and Nixon’s Coming’

The shootings at Kent State and Jackson State at 50 years later.
Three men in suits.

The GOP Appointees Who Defied the President

In the Watergate era, high-level aides prevented Nixon’s abuses of power. Trump’s underlings can do the same.

All the Presidents’ Librarians

Presidential libraries are too important for historians to ignore.