Illustration of the Battle of Little Big Horn.

The True History of 'Custer's Last Stand'

We're talking about the Battle of Little Bighorn all wrong.
Black and white photos of (from left to right) Langston Hughes, Thurgood Marshall, and Toni Morrison

African-American History Finally Gets Its Own AP Class

'Nothing is more dramatic than having the College Board launch an AP course in a field,' says Henry Louis Gates Jr., who helped develop the curriculum.
Picture of President Joe Biden, left, and President Jimmy Carter, right.

What Historians Think of Joe Biden-Jimmy Carter Comparisons

Historical experts and former Carter advisers fact-check the critics who have compared Joe Biden to Jimmy Carter.
Willow, the Biden's brown cat

A Brief History of Cats in the White House

The Bidens' new cat Willow will be the first feline in the White House since the George W. Bush years, but is part of a long tradition.
Plantation house in the snow.

The Grim History of Christmas for Slaves in the Deep South

"If you read enough sources, you run into cases of slaves spending a lot of time over Christmas crying."
Ben Franklin portrait

'I Long Regretted Bitterly, and Still Regret That I Had Not Given It To Him'

Benjamin Franklin's writing about losing his son to smallpox is a must-read for parents weighing COVID-19 vaccines today.
Gladys Bentley

The Overlooked LGBTQ+ History of the Harlem Renaissance

Acknowledging the queer culture of the Harlem Renaissance is essential in order to paint a full picture of the period.
Cover of TIME magazine featuring a redacted textbook and the title "The History Wars"

Inside the Fight Over What Kids Learn About America's History

The debate over how to teach the history of race in the U.S. is entangling local school boards and engulfing national politics.
Facade at the Alamo

'The Myth Itself Becomes a Stand-in.' What Can the Alamo's History Teach Us About Teaching History?

What’s new about the controversy over the Alamo’s history, and how the way Texans tell its story relates to how Americans see each other.
Black employees photographed at St. Luke Penny Savings Bank

The Forgotten Stories of America's Black Wall Streets

A century after the Tulsa Race Massacre, what happened there is finally more widely known—but other "Black Wall Street" stories remain hidden.

What the 'America First Caucus' Gets Wrong on Anglo-Saxon History

"Everything's sort of layered on a false understanding of history."
A diverse group of school children saluting the American flag in a classroom.

Why the Asian-American Story Is Missing From U.S. Classrooms

Educators say that anti-Asian racism is directly linked to how the AAPI community is often depicted in U.S. history lessons .
A negative from a photo of Abraham Lincoln

How Historians Say Abraham Lincoln Is Quoted and Misquoted

As Presidents' Day approaches, historians look back at the most notable recent uses and misuses of "the Great Emancipator's" words.
Helen Keller meeting JFK in the White House

The Helen Keller You Didn't Learn About in School

Limited education on Keller's life has implications for how students perceive people with disabilities .
Protestors standing on a bridge, holding signs.

Why 45% of NYC Public School Students Stayed Home in Protest

Historians say that a major milestone in the history of school integration is often left out of the civil rights story.

How U.S. History Is Taught Has Always Been Political

Hearing about backlash to what kids are learning in U.S. History classrooms? It could have been last week—or 150 years ago.

10 Experts on Where the George Floyd Protests Fit Into American History

Many are looking to history for clues about how to understand the evolving moment. Here's what to know.

Long-Forgotten Cables Reveal What TIME's Correspondent Saw at the Liberation of Dachau

Two copies of the first-person account were tucked away, largely untouched until after his death. Now, his family is sharing his story.

How Black Lives Matter Is Changing What Students Learn During Black History Month

“Whenever there’s a tragedy in black America, there’s always been an uptick of black history courses."
A circa 1830 illustration of a slave auction in America. Rischgitz/Hulton Archive—Getty Images.

'The Slaves Dread New Year's Day the Worst': The Grim History of January 1

New Year's Day used to be widely known as "Hiring Day" or "Heartbreak Day"

‘Baby, It's Cold Outside' Was Controversial From the Beginning

Here’s what to know about consent in the 1940s, when the song was written.

The Way American Kids Are Learning About the 'First Thanksgiving' Is Changing

"I look back now and realize I was teaching a lot of misconceptions."

9/11 Is History Now. Here's How American Kids Are Learning About It in Class

"I get teary-eyed with my students."

The Surprisingly Sad True Story Behind 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer'

Copywriter Robert L. May dreamed up Rudolph during a particularly difficult time in his life.