Political cartoon depicting busts of Ronald Reagan, Milton Friedman, and Alan Greenspan on a mantle with spider webs.

The End of Milton Friedman’s Reign

The Chicago school ruled supreme over economics—until recently.
Isaiah Berlin

Cold War Liberalism Returns

A left that is ambivalent about liberalism can still seek to engage it.
Agosto Pinochet and Milton Friedman edited to appear as two sides of the same coin.

When Milton Friedman Met Pinochet

Chicago economists had free rein in Chile. The country is still recovering.
George Kennan.

George Kennan’s False Moves

The great grand strategist of the Cold War believed he failed in his most important task.
Drawing of Smedley Butler in front of a map background.

The Marine Who Turned Against U.S. Empire

What turned Smedley Butler into a critic of American foreign policy?

How the War on Terror Undermined American Democracy

Spencer Ackerman’s new book argues that the forever wars created the conditions for Trump’s rise.

How the GOP Became the Party of Resentment

Have historians of the conservative movement focused too much on its intellectuals?

How the Cold War Defined Scientific Freedom

The idea that liberal democracies shielded science from politics was always flawed.

How the United States Reinvented Empire

Americans tend to see their country as a nation-state, not an imperial power.

Worlds Apart

How neoliberalism shapes the global economy and limits the power of democracies.

Our Cold War World

How the contest between capitalism and communism shaped world politics—and defines today’s inequalities.
Cover of Rafael Rojas' new book.

Words are the Weapons, the Weapons Must Go

A review of Rafael Rojas’s "Fighting over Fidel: The New York Intellectuals and the Cuban Revolution."