The Surprisingly Socialist History of America

Lincoln and Marx

The transatlantic convergence of two revolutionaries.
The 16th President, his pro-labor leanings, and Marx's admiration for his work to end slavery.

Socialism and the Liberal Imagination

How do socialist demands become liberal common sense? The history of the New Deal offers a useful lesson.
The New Deal was intended to save capitalism from collapse and revolution. To do so it approprated the policy ideas of the socialists it sought to minimize.

The Socialist Party in New Deal–Era America

The 1930s Socialist Party is often seen as a marginal force, but its successes laid the groundwork for the next generation of organizing.
Apart from their influence on the policies of FDR's New Deal, American socialists significantly contributed to the process of rebuilding in the wake of capitalism's greatest failure to date.

America’s Missing Labor Party

The history of labor strikes shows that, in order to achieve lasting success, workers need to capture political power.
Despite present appearences, American Unions once dominated industry with the political support of predominantly Democratic administrations.
Eugene Debs delivering a speech in 1912.

An American History of the Socialist Idea

The American socialism movement's open participation in and with the broad democratic left benefits the socialist cause.
A brief hisory of the American socialist "movement" and its frequent intersections with the moderate democrats and racial equity activists in its day.