Roses Are Red, History is Blue

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The Dramatically Different World of ’70s Dating Ads

Before Tinder, there was “Singles News.”
A profile of the woman behind the largest "singles newspaper" in 1970s New York. ”The Village Voice had kind of a kinky and or bohemian feeling, the NY Review of Books was more intellectual, bookish, so I think there was this idea, that we would be somewhere in between.”

Lovers Under an Apple Tree

Why did the priest and the choir singer die, and what was the nature of their love?
A real-life story of sex, scandal, and spirituality that gripped American newspaper readers a little over a century ago.
Abraham Lincoln in a photo circa 1847.

Abraham Lincoln’s Love Letters Captivated America. They Were a Hoax.

The Atlantic Monthly reported on newly found love letters between Lincoln and Ann Rutledge, his supposed sweetheart. Even biographers fell for the hoax.
When caught in the act of fabricating evidence, the fraudster admitted  to writing the letters, but insisted she was assisted by the dearly departed spirits of Lincoln and his alleged paramour.