University of Richmond Spotlight

Projects and pieces authored by faculty at the University of Richmond, where Bunk is based.
Young boy holding the Communist sickle and hammer, in black and white

Revisions in Red

A scholar wrestles with the legacy of her grandfather, onetime leader of America’s Communist Party.
Essays about personal connections to history, and those that demystify the research process, fit well in Bunk because they are so welcoming to general readers.

Redlining is Only Part of the Story

An annotated collection of resources from the Bunk archive that help explain the long history of housing discrimination.
We're experimenting with a new format of original essays with embedded cards linking to other resources in Bunk. Tell us what you think, and if you have any ideas for topics you'd like to see from us or that you'd like to collaborate with us on.
A street of brick storefronts in Cumberland, Kentucky.

Appalachian Hillsides as Black Ecologies: Housing, Memory, and The Sanctified Hill Disaster of 1972

A landslide that exposed racial inequalities embedded in Appalachian communities.
Essays rooted in the people and events of specific places work nicely in Bunk's new map-based browsing interface, through which users can contextualize such essays by exploring what happened nearby.
Images of girls in a factory

Layered Lives

Rhetoric and representation in the Southern Life History Project.
Readers who access digital history projects through links in Bunk can find connections to written pieces about similar themes, a context which may promote richer explorations or support classroom use of the interactives.
A painting of George Whitefield preaching to a crowd.

Darkness Falls on the Land of Light

Divisions in society and religion that still exist today resulted from the "Great Awakenings" of the 18th Century.
Bunk includes hundreds of pieces on early American history, but because recent topics are more frequently published in popular venues, earlier topics are underrepresented in Bunk. We are always looking for suggestions of more good content, either specific pieces or blogs, websites, and freely accessible publications we may not know about.
Trump at the podium to give a State of the Union address.

The Corrupt, Racist Proposal from the State of the Union Address That Everyone Missed

Trump's plans for the federal workforce sound reasonable, but they would actually undo a century of reforms.
Made By History is a partner of Bunk: we share an interest in the ways historical events have contemporary relevance and historical scholarship and popular memory shape our political discourse.
Black and white photo of Woodrow Wilson and his cabinet sitting around a conference table.

How the Black Middle Class Was Attacked By Woodrow Wilson’s Administration

A historian looks at the widespread racism in the American progressive movement of the early 20th century.
The Conversation allows republication of their content, but for most publications we simply post an excerpt and link out to the original publication. Bunk is less like a repository for articles, and more a database of connections -- a place where readers can find clusters of pieces that can inform their understanding of each piece of writing and its concrete subjects and abstract themes.

The Lines That Shape Our Cities

Connecting present-day environmental inequalities to redlining policies of the 1930s.
When we index a resource in Bunk and connect it to others on similar themes, we create new pathways for users to discover the resource. We pull from over 800 publications, blogs, and websites -- more than most students or general readers would think to search.

Native Trails

Ed Ayers travels back to his childhood stomping grounds in search of traces of the dispossession that took place there generations earlier.
We also publish original short essays like this one. If there is a topic on which you would like to create a short interpretive introductory essay, perhaps designed for your own classroom use or to support your public-facing work, please tell us about it. We may be able to offer a modest honorarium. Users can already create shareable annotated collections like this one, and we are looking to solicit more so we can feature them on the Bunk website.