General Inquiries


Snailmail: Bunk/New American History, Carole Weinstein International Center, Room 302, 211 Richmond Way, University of Richmond, VA 23173


Because we spend so much time combing the internet for good American history-related content, we know that there is no shortage of quality material out there. More so than most online publications, we rely on this wealth of great content to make the Bunk experience a rich one.

When it comes to our own original content, we are not trying to replicate this range of material, so much as to build and nourish a home for a distinct kind of authorship. It is characterized, first and foremost, by the same spirit that animates Bunk as a whole – a desire to make connections across time and genre, to create a space for the kinds of insights that result from unexpected juxtapositions of data, narrative, and medium. It is audience-centric, and rises to the challenge of engaging non-specialists without condescending to their intelligence. And it actively challenges the form that scholarly writing has traditionally taken without abandoning the core scholarly values of thoroughness, originality, and familiarity with one’s field of inquiry. We welcome submissions from people involved with the study of history on a professional basis, but also from experienced writers, illustrators, and photographers who feel that they have something of value to offer our readers.

If you have an idea for a piece you feel could be a good fit for Bunk, we’d love to hear it. Pitches should be sent to Bunk editor Tony Field at [afield at richmond dot edu]. Please include a basic description of your proposed piece and a brief explanation about why you think it would be a good fit for our site.

Note that all contributors will be compensated for any work published on Bunk.