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40% of Wikipedia Is Under Threat from Deletionists

"Deletionists" are rapidly removing content from Wikiedpia; often, the lost material is created by those who struggle to be heard.
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What kinds of stubs are most at risk from deletionists? Articles written by young people, about generational interests, or pop culture, or something outside the experience of the primarily older white male deletionists who consider themselves arbiters of "acceptable" encyclopedic content. While the most obscure steam locomotive or public transportation station deserves a detailed article in their world, things of interest to others, especially young people, women, and minorities, like Kate Middleton's wedding dress, or a hip-hop battle of the sexes that charted with millions in sales, is a target by these same deletionists.

....I am not saying Wikipedia is dying or going extinct. I am saying that Wikipedia as an ecosystem is in the midst of a major extinction event. As the extinction event article states, this means there is a "sharp change in diversity" within an ecosystem. Deletionists can be characterized by a number of attributes, where they favor things of interest to them, like trains, anime, video games, female porn stars, coding, weapons, and so on. Look up a random female porn star and a random female scientist from those categories, and you'll see what deletionists prioritize. The Pokemon Bulbasaur gets 1800 words, hemovanadin gets speedily deleted, and Chickenhead gets prodded and deleted without challenge, because editors writing science stubs and hip-hop stubs have been driven away by deletionists.