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37 Maps That Explain How America Is a Nation of Immigrants

It's impossible to understand the country without knowing who's been kept out, who's been let in, and how they've been treated once they arrive.
Frank P. Sargent/Commission-General of Immigration/Michigan State University

An insanely detailed map of immigrants in America from 1903

This exhaustive map includes 51 infographics (for each state plus Washington, DC). The right column of the infographic covers how many immigrants settled in the state each year; the left column shows their occupations. The top depicts the ethnic mix, color-coded by race: Teutonic, Keltic, Slavic, Iberic, Mongolic, and "all others."

At the time, those racial labels were real — and the source of anxiety. A medical journal article from this era expressed concern about the "preponderance of the Iberic and Slavic races" among recent immigrants, because of "their poorer physical and mental equipment" compared to "Celtic and Teutonic" immigrants.