De Bow's Review Monthly from November, 1867.
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'The Fatal Deadfall of Abolition'

Threatening the newly-freed Southern slaves.
De Bow's Review in 1867--in the dire straights of Southern doom and despair of the just-finished war, lashed out like a wicked conspiratorial rant against the Northern states and anyone who comforted them.  Published in Nashville, all I have of the magazine presently is this loose issue for November 1867, and in spite of the energetically positive view depicted on the cover of the magazine had little to do with what you found in the writing inside.  

The leading article is an odd one, yelling about Great Britain manufacturing the cause of anti-slavery in the United States, which pretty much is made abundantly clear in the title,  "Black Republicanism, the Dupe and Agent of British Policy in Respect to American Interests". The "scheme of so-called Negro a British Invention" crushing the U.S. which "suffered immeasurably" under the Abolition Program, "the fatal deadfall of the abolition trap", all of which in the end will "crush the innards out of the "Black Republican Yankee".  It was the Brits according to the writer of this article who FORCED THE UNITED STATES TO ABOLISH SLAVERY" [caps in the original]. 

The second article is called "No Treason" and makes the case for the Confederacy for not having committed treasonous acts.
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