illustration of a traditional housewife in the kitchen, baking for her husband

No, Rush Limbaugh Did Not Hijack Your Parents’ Christianity

White evangelicals have long been attracted to the conservative media's militant politics and regressive gender roles.
A group of people watching a speaker.

The Long Road to White Christians' Trumpism

Any effective soul-searching must take into account the history of white American Christian support for white supremacist power.

America’s Long War on Children and Families

Trump’s family separation policy belongs to a much longer history of U.S. government forces taking children from families that don't match the American ideal.
Elizabeth Warren at a debate podium.

Why Family Separation Is So Central to Trump’s Immigration Vision

Strengthening family ties has been key to overcoming nativism — and in 2020, it can do so again.

White Supremacy Has Always Been Mainstream

“Very fine people”—fathers and husbands, as well as mothers and daughters—have always been central to the work of white supremacy.

No, Talking About Women's Role in White Supremacy is NOT Blaming Women

Women’s role in the 1920s KKK can teach us about racism today.

The Amplified Age

Jenny Hendrix on the 'Naughty Nineties,' the decade in which America rediscovered sex.
Women with a sign supporting passage of the ERA.

Who Killed the ERA?

A review of "Divided We Stand: The Battle Over Women’s Rights and Family Values That Polarized American Politics."
Mike and Karen Pence.

History Suggests We Should Be Paying More Attention to Karen Pence

Donald Trump's children aren't the only family members with political power in the Trump administration.
Newly appointed Justice Sandra Day O’Connor stands in front of the Supreme Court on Sept. 25, 1981, in Washington.

Pro-Choice Advocates Fear That Roe v. Wade Could Be Lost. But It Already Happened.

How “undue burden”—a concept nurtured by anti-abortion groups and championed by the first woman on the Supreme Court—has eroded the right to choose.
Donald Duck promotes birth control in 1968 animation

Slut-Shaming, Eugenics, and Donald Duck

The scandalous history of sex-ed movies.
Ice cubes.

The Ice King

The story of the man who introduced ice cubes into our beverages.
A kindergarten teacher coaches a group of crouched children to duck and cover in a national air raid drill, Chicago, 1954.

The Politics of Fear Is Damaging American Education—And Has Been for Decades

Politicians have often sought to remedy educational panic with remedies that do more harm than good.
Snoop Dogg.

The Snoop Dogg Manifesto

A pop star’s road map to decadence.
A drawing of the outside of colorful windows at night.

Upper West Side Cult

In 1950, the Sullivinian Institute was created to push the boundaries of psychoanalysis. By 1980, its therapists and patients had become a small paramilitary.
Illustration of Mina Miller Edison in front of news clippings about her.

Mina Miller Edison Was Much More Than the Wife of the 'Wizard of Menlo Park'

The second wife of Thomas Edison, she viewed domestic labor as a science, calling herself a "home executive."
Anita Bryant with pie on face

Proposition 6 (The Briggs Initiative): Annotated

Proposition 6, better known as the Briggs Initiative, was the first attempt to restrict the rights of lesbian and gay Americans by popular referendum.
Illustration of a 1950s woman surrounded by orange flames, pink background

Reading Betty Friedan After the Fall of Roe

The problem no longer has no name, and yet we refuse to solve it.
Colorful illustration of gladiator-like figure with sword surrounded by various phrases and people, all relating to the Southern Baptist Convention

The Southern Baptist Convention’s Deal With the Devil

Fifty years ago, zealots preaching misogyny and homophobia—led by an accused sexual predator—took over America’s largest Protestant denomination.
A GOP Elephant locked up in a padded cell.

It Didn’t Start with Trump: The Decades-Long Saga of How the GOP Went Crazy

The modern Republican Party has always exploited and encouraged extremism.