The Fourth of July Has Always Been Political

The question is which vision of America it’s being used to advance.

What Could Go Wrong for Trump on July 4th? In 1970, Protests and Tear Gas Marred the Day.

"Honor America Day" was designed to showcase support for President Nixon at a time of bitter division.

The Sounds of Independence

How was the Fourth of July celebrated during the Revolutionary War?

The Ominous History Surrounding President Trump’s Fourth of July Rally

White nationalists have long used the holiday to advance their dreams of a white country.

When the Fourth of July Was a Black Holiday

After the Civil War, African Americans in the South transformed Independence Day into a celebration of their newly won freedom.
Fourth of July fireworks over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Partisans Often Try To Claim July 4 As Their Own. It Usually Backfires.

Independence Day has always been a political battlefield.

"What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?"

Frederick Douglass’ 1852 speech is widely known as one of the greatest abolitionist speeches ever.
Painting of Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin while writing the Declaration of Independence.

How the Complete Meaning of July Fourth Is Slipping Away

John Adams would not be happy to see what Independence Day has become.
People posing with a large stack of wooden barrels

The Night Before the Fourth

The great bonfires of Gallows Hill—and what they tell us about America.
A drawing of the exhumation of President Monroe's coffin.

Which States Have the Most Dead Presidents?

The answer reveals grave robbing problems for America’s deceased leaders.
Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass and the Trouble with Critical Race Theory

A favorite icon of critical race theory proponents doesn’t say what they want him to say.
President Duterte saluting at monument

July Fourth is Independence Day for Two Countries. But for One It is Hollow.

For the Philippines, independence from the United States came with strings attached.

Dreams of a Revolution Deferred

How African-Americans in Early America celebrated the Declaration of Independence's ideals, even as basic freedoms were denied to them.

What’s Next?

Expanding the radical promise of the American Revolution.

What to an American Is the Fourth of July?

Power comes before freedom, not the other way around.

It Isn’t Independence Day For Everyone

If the British had won the Revolutionary War, things might be very different for Native Americans.

An Ives Fourth

Nostalgia or nightmare?

The Declaration Heard Around the World

The declaration's words and sentiments have inspired nations and movements around the world.

Convulsions Within: When Printing the Declaration of Independence Turns Partisan

Even America's founding document isn't immune to the powers of polarization.

The History of Military Parades in the U.S.

The Trump Administration has clamored for a military parade. What are the origins of tank-led celebrations?