Two horses standing outside of a horse trailer.

A Gallop Through a Horse's Pedigree

An in-depth look at horse breeding.
Two women walking side-by-side.

Not White But Not (Entirely) Black

On the complex history of “passing” in America.
The original members of the hip-hop group De La Soul.

Hip-Hop at Fifty: An Elegy

A generation is still dying younger than it should—this time, of “natural causes.”
Rap group Public Enemy: (Clockwise from bottom left) Flavor Flav, Professor Griff, Terminator X, S1W, and Chuck D

How Rap Taught (Some of) the Hip Hop Generation Black History

For members of the Hip Hop generation who came of age during the Black Power era, “reality rap” was an entry into the political power of Black history.
Books from the 1990s.

What Literature Do We Study From the 1990s?

The turn-of-the-century literary canon, using data from college syllabi.
Artwork of trees with multicolored roots.

Yearning for Roots

We're born with a hunger for connection with our ancestors – both biological and spiritual.
Harriet Powers patchwork pictorial quilt.

How the Survivors of Slavery Used Material Objects to Preserve Intergenerational Wisdom

On the importance of material ownership in the context of Black history.
Image of a young girl using an iPhone.

What Makes a Millennial?

The defining boundaries and problematic categorizations carried by our culture's treatment of the label "millennial."
Images of European Immigrants arriving to America on Ellis Island.

The Myth of the Rapid Mobility of European Immigrants

Ran Abramitzky and Leah Boustan on the data illusion of the rags-to-riches stories.
Comic-style drawing of a man standing in the doorway with two others standing in the shadows behind him, all facing away from each other.

The Story of Capitalism in One Family

The Lehman Trilogy proposes that the downfall of a financial dynasty is enough to tell the economic and political history of America.
Black and white photograph of Lorraine Hansberry smoking a cigarette.

The Many Visions of Lorraine Hansberry

She’s been canonized as a hero of both mainstream literature and radical politics. Who was she really?
Black and white photograph of Lucille Clifton.

Lucille Clifton and the Task of Remembering

The poet’s memoir Generations is both a chronicle of her ancestral lineage and lesson in the centrality of Black women to the story of American history.
A pumpkin salt gourd

Salt and Deep History in the Ohio Country

Early American salt makers exploited productive precedents established by generations of people who had engaged with salt resources for thousands of years.
Collage of photos of Andrew Mellon, Ethel Mars and E.W. Scripps.

The Great Inheritors: How Three Families Shielded Their Fortunes From Taxes for Generations

A century of tax avoidance later, the dynasties created in the 1900s are going strong.
"Defining the '90s Music Canon" over TLC and Spice Girls album covers.

Defining the ’90s Music Canon

Which songs will future generations use to characterize the decade?
Lithograph of Thomas Jefferson

Hero or Villain, Both and Neither: Appraising Thomas Jefferson, 200 Years Later

A Pulitzer historian assesses what we are to make of UVA’s founder, 200 years hence.
Photographs of Oscar Wilde and Walt Whitman.

When Wilde Met Whitman

As he told a friend years later, "the kiss of Walt Whitman is still on my lips."
Painting of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Ages of Revolution: How Old Were the Early American Leaders on July 4, 1776?

They have shaped America, but how old were they on Independence Day?
Willie Nelson at the 1973 Fourth of July Picnic, in Dripping Springs.

That ’70s Show

Forty years ago, Willie, Waylon, Jerry Jeff, and a whole host of Texas misfits brought the hippies and rednecks together in outlaw country.
Content of Frank B's suitcase. A luggage tag, a black and white photograph of a young man in military uniform, a notebook with Frank's name written, a guide to Brooklyn, a copy of the Gospel of John, and an address book.

Tales From an Attic

Suitcases once belonging to residents of a New York State mental hospital tell the stories of long-forgotten lives.