Four More Years: Presidential Inaugurations

An hour of stories about a few high-stakes inaugurations from the past.

JFK Inaugural Address

John F. Kennedy's 1961 inaugural address remains one of the most famous presidential speeches.
Portrait of Thomas Jefferson

Sunrise at Monticello

Jefferson and his connection to partisanship in early America.

Segregation Now, Segregation Forever: The Infamous Words of George Wallace

Radio Diaries tells the story behind those infamous words, and the man who delivered them.
The front cover of Jonathan W. White's new book.

Calling on Lincoln

A new book explores Abraham Lincoln's interactions with African Americans during his presidency.
A negative from a photo of Abraham Lincoln

How Historians Say Abraham Lincoln Is Quoted and Misquoted

As Presidents' Day approaches, historians look back at the most notable recent uses and misuses of "the Great Emancipator's" words.
Drawing of Lincoln with his hand on a Bible during a swearing-in with two other people

The Presidential Transition That Shattered America

A Trump-Biden transition is sure to be scary. But it’d be hard to beat Buchanan-Lincoln.
Portrait of George Washington with lips pursed.

George Washington's Biggest Battle? With his Dentures, Made From Hippo Ivory and Maybe Slaves' Teeth

The British were a pain, to be sure, but what really caused him trouble were his teeth.

Losing Our Civil Religion

Trump's unbridled rhetorical rampage has stripped the presidency of its moral ambition and authority. 
The inauguration of Abraham Lincoln in 1861.

The Most Contentious Presidential Transition in American History

Was Abraham Lincoln's the most tumultuous presidential transition in American history?
Drawings of George Washington

His Highness

George Washington scales new heights.