Front-page photo of James E. Shepperson from the Black newspaper, the Seattle Republican, on Oct. 26, 1900.

How Wyoming’s Black Coal Miners Shaped Their Own History

Many early Wyoming coal towns had thriving Black communities.
An illustration of a miner breaking off a piece of the star in the style of the "Hamilton: An American Musical" logo.

Talk Like a Red: A Labor History in Two Acts

It’s a simple process that recurs throughout history: workers see injustice, they organize each other, and they fight for change.
Drawing of head of lettuce

The Lettuce Workers Strike of 1930

Uniting for better wages and working conditions, a remarkably diverse coalition of laborers faced off against agribusiness.

When the Seattle General Strike and the 1918 Flu Collided

The first major general strike in the United States coincided with the last major pandemic. Here’s the full story.
Disney animators on strike, 1941.

Animators Brought a Guillotine to the Disney Labor Strike in 1941

It wasn’t simply a static symbol – the “blade” actually moved.
Flint, Michigan sit-down strike.

The 1936 Sit-Down Strike That Shook the Auto Industry

Over 136,000 GM workers participated in the strike in Flint, Michigan that became known as 'the strike heard round the world.'

Reviving the General Strike

Organizers seeking to spark far-reaching work stoppages in the United States can invoke a powerful fact: It has happened before.
United Mine Workers on a picket line.

The Past and Future of the American Strike

A new book tells the history of America through its workplace struggles.
Railway strike of 1886.

Why Strikes Matter

On the history (and future) of class struggle in America.

America’s Missing Labor Party

The history of labor strikes shows that, in order to achieve lasting success, workers need to capture political power.

The Return of Teacher Power

We've all heard about Black Power, but what about Teacher Power–a teachers' rights movement recently reawakened?

The League of Revolutionary Struggle and the Watsonville Canning Strike

More than anything else, the Watsonville Canning strike was a fight against national oppression.
Black and white photograph of workers of various affiliations march together at a 1946 May Day parade in New York City, holding signs about "world labor unity."

Welcome to Operation Dixie, the Most Ambitious Unionization Attempt in the U.S.

Southern segregation, racism and a militarized police meant the plan was destined to fail.

Teacher Strikes Might Hurt Republicans This Time

Labor unrest harmed Democrats in the 1960s and 1970s. This time the GOP might be the loser.

How Poor, Mostly Jewish Immigrants Organized 20,000 and Fought for Workers Rights

These women came ready to fight.

A New Struggle Coming

On the teachers' strike in West Virginia.

Memorial Day, 1937

Eighty years ago, striking workers in Chicago were shot down by police. It transformed the course of labor rights in the US.
Coal-stained house in West Virginia.

When Miners Strike: West Virginia Coal Mining and Labor History

A primary source set and teaching guide created by educators.
A postcard illustrating the Carnegie blast furnaces along the Monongahela River, Homestead, Pennsylvania, 1908-1909.

The Homestead Strike

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Clarence Darrow’s unfinished work.