Screen shot from Oregon Trail gameplay showing Conestoga wagons and people on a western-style main street. Text reads: "Now loading the wagon..."

Let Us Now Enjoy the Incredibly Pure Tale of the Teacher Who Invented The Oregon Trail

He didn’t make a penny.
American Progress by John Gast, 1872. Painting depicting an angel hovering above white settlers heading west.

On Nostalgia and Colonialism on the New Oregon Trail

What does it mean to reform a game based on a violent history of land theft and appropriation?

You Have Died of Dysentery

A conversation with the lead designer of the 1985 version of the Oregon Trail video game.
Screenshot from "The Oregon Trail" computer game

The Forgotten History of 'The Oregon Trail,' As Told By Its Creators

You must always caulk the wagon. Never ford the river.

Oregon Trails

After navigating a minor hiccup in our own provisioning process, we set out for the West on what would be our longest trip yet.
A screen with an image of a woman holding a baby and running.

The 'Oregon Trail' Studio Made a Game About Slavery. Then Parents Saw It

'Freedom!' tried to show the horrors of antebellum slavery and the courage of escaping slaves. But neither schools nor audiences were ready for it.
Advertisement commemorating 25 years of video games since the release of Oregon Trail.

Playing in the Past

Gameplay can be useful in history classrooms – but manufacturers have to think about how children will be affected by the competition.
Image of a young girl using an iPhone.

What Makes a Millennial?

The defining boundaries and problematic categorizations carried by our culture's treatment of the label "millennial."