Donald Trump

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Trump Is A 19th-Century President Facing 21st-Century Problems

His hands-off approach to policy-making and moral leadership hearkens back to much earlier times.
Donald Trump

Triumph of the Shill

The political theory of Trumpism.

The TV That Created Donald Trump

Rewatching “The Apprentice,” the show that made his Presidency possible.

How Gotham Gave Us Trump

Ever wonder how a lifelong urbanite can resent cities as much as Donald Trump does? First you have to understand ’70s and ’80s New York.

The Nineteenth-Century Trump

President Trump is by no means off the mark to call attention to Andrew Jackson as a precursor. The analogy, however, is not necessarily flattering.

Why Obama Voters Defected

New findings explain how Trump won them over—and why he probably wouldn’t next time.

Memo to Trump: This Is Why You're Losing

Why the president, who appears allergic to the logic of bureaucracy, keeps getting defeated by that humblest of technologies, the office memorandum.
Jackson statue outside the White House.

Trump's Jacksonian Moment

A new biography of Andrew Jackson recounts a bloody history, and reveals disturbing parallels between the 1830s and the Trump era.

Race to the Bottom

How the post-racial revolution became a whitewash.

What Trump Gets Right—and Progressives Get Wrong—About Andrew Jackson

In the 19th century, Jackson broadened the electorate, but the self-righteousness of some Democrats impedes their efforts to do the same.
Cross necklace worn over "Vote Trump" shirt.

Why Conservative Evangelicals Have Lined Up for Trump

It’s a match made in heaven.

What Will Future Historians Say About President Trump's First 100 Days? Here Are 11 Guesses

Experts weigh in on how historians of the future may assess President Trump's achievements after his first 100 days in office.

Trump Isn't the Apotheosis of Conservatism

Writers like Rick Perlstein miss the ways in which Trump’s rise is a story of discontinuity.

Eavesdropping on Roy Cohn and Donald Trump

Remembering the switchboard operator who listened in on Cohn’s calls with Nancy Reagan, Gloria Vanderbilt, Carlo Gambino, and Trump.

The Bitter History of Law and Order in America

It has stifled suffrage, blamed immigrants for chaos, and suppressed civil rights. It's also how Donald Trump views the entire world.

Donald Trump Sees Himself in Andrew Jackson. They Deserve Each Other.

The president deserves the Jackson legacy, but not for the reasons he'd like.

Can History Prepare Us for the Trump Presidency?

Twenty-one historians explain which moments in history are closest to the Trump election - and what we can learn.

No Girls Allowed

How America's persistent preference for brash boys over "sivilizing" women fueled the candidacy of Donald Trump.

Trump Syllabus 2.0

An introduction to the currents of American culture that led to "Trumpism.'

Ronald Reagan Was Once Donald Trump

The Trump candidacy looks a lot more like Reagan's than anyone might care to notice.