Matt Delmont


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Double V: Military Racism

Today, the military is perhaps the largest integrated institution in the US. But how it came to be this way reveals a history of racism and resistance.

It Was Never About Busing

Court-ordered desegregation worked. But white racism made it hard to accept.

The Utter Inadequacy of America’s Efforts to Desegregate Schools

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Demand for School Integration Leads to Massive 1964 Boycott — In New York City

The largest civil rights demonstration in U.S. history was not in Little Rock. Or Selma. Or Montgomery. It happened in New York City.
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What Should You Do With a Captured Nazi Flag?

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Why 45% of NYC Public School Students Stayed Home in Protest

Historians say that a major milestone in the history of school integration is often left out of the civil rights story.