Robert Owen

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View from Nauvoo from across the Mississippi River

Community Ideal

Visiting the sites of two 19th-century utopian experiments in the American Midwest.
A drawing showing the plan for Owen's utopian community

Robert Owen, Born 250 Years Ago, Tried to Use His Wealth to Perfect Humanity

The wealthy textile manufacturer harbored ambitions that went far beyond the well-being of his own workforce and depleted his fortune.
Elon Musk celebrating with both hands in the air.

Elon Musk’s Utopian Town Will Disappoint — Like Most Company Towns

America’s utopian communities have traditionally promoted egalitarianism and alternatives to capitalism. Company towns do the opposite.
Eugene Debs speaking to a crowd.

A Brief History of American Socialism

A look at socialism’s far-reaching influence on American thought.
Replica of small town

Exploring the Midwest’s Forgotten Utopian Communes

The American Midwest was once a site of radical experimentation for various communitarian groups. What has become of their legacy?

What’s Next?

Expanding the radical promise of the American Revolution.
Modern building on a grassy lawn

This Small Indiana Town is a Hotbed of Utopianism

New Harmony has attracted eccentric spiritual groups, social reformers, intellectuals, and artists.
Magazine illustration depicting fantastical inventions for travel on water, land, and air, titled March of Intellect, by William Heath, c. 1828.

A Utopia of Useful Things

On the nineteenth-century artists and thinkers who pictured a future of abundance powered by steam.
A collage of book covers.

The Radical Origins of Self-Help Literature

How did the genre of self-help go from one focused on collective empowerment to one serving the class hierarchy as it stands?
Robert Owen’s New Harmony, Indiana.

The Invisible Landscape: Tracing the Spiritualist Utopianism of Nineteenth-Century America

The hidden history of Utopian Socialism and its close relationship with cultures of esoteric spirituality in the nineteenth-century United States. 

CEOs Email You Heartfelt Coronavirus Messages, While Still Prioritizing the Bottom Line

Over 100 years, a tactic first designed to keep workers happy morphed into a marketing strategy.