Senator McCarran greeted by a group of men in front of a plane.

What Nevada Stole from Its Indigenous People

Senator Pat McCarran’s vision for the desert carried a tradition of dispossession into the mid-20th century.
Botanists Elzada Clover and Lois Jotter surrounded by men in a boat in the Colorado River.

They Overcame Hazards — and Doubters — to Make Botanical History

In Melissa Sevigny’s “Brave the Wild River,” we meet the two scientists who explored unknown terrain and broke barriers mapping the Botany of the Grand Canyon.
Formal portrait photo of Destin Jenkins.

Public Thinker: Destin Jenkins on Breaking Bonds

“What if we identified the politics of municipal debt as circumscribing political horizons and futures?”
A mural advertising the Super Bowl in Tampa Bay.

Sports Gambling Could Be the Pandemic’s Biggest Winner

But it probably won’t be the savior some expect.
Aerial view of a mining quarry

The Land Was Ours

Trump, Biden, and public lands.
A covered wagon in the grass.

The Deadly Temptation of the Oregon Trail Shortcut

Dying of dysentery was just the beginning.
A UFO in front of hills

More UFOs Than Ever Before

What explains the apparently sudden spike in intergalactic traffic after WWII? If Cold War anxieties are to blame, why have sightings persisted?

What if Mexico Still Included California, Nevada and Texas?

A photographer followed Mexico’s old northern border to meet families who've lived in the area, now in the U.S., for centuries.
Black and white image of Alice Paul, broadcasting from her desk at the Capitol, 1923.

Why the Fight Over the Equal Rights Amendment Has Lasted Nearly a Century

Passage of the ERA seemed like a sure thing. So why did it fail to become law?

In Search of Arborglyphs

A look into Basque tree carvings in the Sierra Nevada mountains.