Head netting for desert camouflage, 1973.

These Striking Photos Show the Secret, Strange World of Military Research and Development

An obscure archive reveals the science—and art—behind combat culture.
Sever, Nicholas, 1680-1764. Sermons : manuscript, 1709-1722.

A World in a Box

Harvard digitizes two centuries of colonial history.
The Rose Main Reading Room in the New York Public Library.

Keeper of the Secrets

Is there a special value in archives that are not digitized?
Herman Melville's Children (L-R: Malcolm, Frances, Elizabeth, and Stanwix).

The Short, Sad Story of Stanwix Melville

Piecing back together the forgotten history of Herman Melville's second son.

Civil War Soldiers’ Wet Dreams

Looking for traces of sexual fantasy in soldiers' letters home.
The Star Spangled Banner, Currier & Ives, 1876

The Star Spangled Banner

In baseball it goes back, back, back.
A drawing of the comet of 1861, published in the Philadelphia Inquirer on July 5, 1861.

A Civil War Soldier Reflects on the Comet of 1861

Private Charles F. Johnson of the 9th New York Volunteer Infantry ponders an unusual celestial phenomenon.
Sixth-floor window of the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas, Texas, from which, according to the Warren Commission, Lee Harvey Oswald killed President John F. Kennedy in 1963.

Trump Plans to Release JFK Assassination Documents Despite Concerns From Federal Agencies

What's still under wraps, and what it might tell us about Lee Harvey Oswald.
An image from Marshall Curry's short documentary, A Night at the Garden.

When 20,000 American Nazis Descended Upon New York City

Newly discovered footage of a story that many would prefer to forget.
Underground plan of comfort station at City Hall, Brooklyn, N.Y.

The Beauty of Public Restrooms

A collection of images of early 20th-century public bathrooms.

'I Want to Kick Ass' in 1862?

Evidence that the idiom could be 100 years older than was previously thought.

A Look Inside James Baldwin’s 1,884 Page FBI File

Memos on "aliases," sexuality, and The Blood Counters.