Wreckage of Boston's Commercial Street after the Great Molasses Flood of 1919 (Jan. 15, 1919).

The Great Molasses Flood of 1919: The Day Boston Was Swamped by a Deadly Wave

100 years ago, an enormous steel tank ruptured, sending a torrent of brown syrup on a deadly path through Boston's North End.
U.S. Air Force airmen install a fence along the U.S.-Mexico border east of San Luis, Arizona, October 3, 2006.

Pancho Villa, Prostitutes and Spies: The U.S.-Mexico Border Wall’s Wild Origins

President Trump's trip to the border Thursday to demand a $5.7 billion wall marks another chapter in the boundary's tortured history.
Yuma, Arizona, 1949.

Border Patrol - Our Oral History

A compilation of interviews with former U.S. Border Patrol officers who served from the 1930s-1960s.
Pages from “A Feeling of Freedom,” a pamphlet extolling virtues of living in Jonestown (c. 1977).

Jonestown’s Victims Have a Lesson to Teach Us, So I Listened

In uncovering the blackness of Peoples Temple, I began to better understand my community and the need to belong.
An interactive map of the United States (2015).

Foreign Born Population 1850-2010

An interactive map of immigrant populations in the United States.

As Goes the South, So Goes the Nation

History haunts, but Alabama changes.
A home, originally from Holland Island, relocated to Tangier Island after sea level rising.

Chronicling the End Times on Tangier Island

Earl Swift’s Chesapeake Requiem looks at life on a beautiful, vanishing Virginia island in Chesapeake Bay.
In this visualization of immigration data, each

A New Way of Seeing 200 Years of American Immigration

To depict how waves of immigrants shaped the United States, a team of designers looked to nature as a model.
Father and son buried in Booker T. Washington Cemetery, located across the Mississippi River from St. Louis in southern Illinois (2018).

I Went in Search of Abandoned African-American Cemeteries

I found a couple, and some fascinating history, too.
A police officer at the scene of the school shooting in Indiana (2018).

Before Parkland, Santa Fe and Columbine…There Was Concord High

In 1985, a 16-year-old dropout showed up to school with a shotgun. Everyone said it was just a fluke.
Tule Lake Segregation Center (ca. 1945).

The Disputed Second Life of an American Internment Camp

A debate over a planned fence around the site where people of Japanese ancestry, mostly American citizens, were forcibly interned.
A doctor's note written for Winston Churchill, allowing him to drink alcohol during Prohibition (1932).

Winston Churchill Gets a Doctor’s Note to Drink “Unlimited” Alcohol in Prohibition America

Even Winston Churchill needed a doctor's excuse to get out of Prohibition.