Male prisoners at work at Parchman Penal Farm (1911).

Documenting ‘Slavery by Another Name’ in Texas

An African-American burial ground recently unearthed reveals details about an ugly chapter in the history of the American South.
A portable irrigation unit in a bean field on Starkey Farms in Morrisville, Pennsylvania (1941).

The Value of Farmland: Rural Gentrification and the Movement to Stop Sprawl

Rapidly rising metropolitan land value can mean "striking gold" for some landowners while threatening the livelihood of others.
The old courthouse at the Monroe County Heritage Museum in Monroeville, home to Harper Lee.

In the Hate of Dixie

Cynthia Tucker returns to her hometown of Monroeville, Alabama – also the hometown of Harper Lee, and the site of 17 lynchings.
National Memorial for Peace and Justice.

The View from Cottage Hill

History bleeds in Montgomery, Alabama.
Unemployed miners in West Virginia attending a meeting of the Workers Alliance Council of Scott’s Run (1937).

Appalachian Whiteness: A History that Never Existed

The “fetishization” of Appalachia’s supposed racial and ethnic purity and Trump's proposal to end birthright citizenship.
A photo of the Lower Manhattan skyline in 1910.

Immaculately Restored Film Lets You Revisit Life in New York City in 1911

Other than one or two of the world's supercentenarians, nobody remembers New York in 1911.
Children playing in an empty lot (ca. 1939).

Helen Levitt's New York in Pictures

Helen Levitt's influential urban photography depicts a time both far away and familiar.
U.S. Air Force airmen install a fence along the U.S.-Mexico border east of San Luis, Arizona, October 3, 2006.

Fracturing Landscapes: A History of Fences on the U.S.-Mexico Divide

History tells us that Trump's proposed wall will not work, and that it will do more damage than good.
The Rim Fire in the Stanislaus National Forest near in California, 2013.

California Wildfires Have Been Fought by Prisoners Since World War II

The war had turned forestry work into a form of civil defense, and prisoners a new army on the home front.

U.S. Population Growth by State (1900-2017)

The population of every state, visualized like a horse race.
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Fire Control of the 1935 Malibu Fire (1935).

Let Malibu Burn

A political history of the Fire Coast.
An early map of Florida, based on Hernando de Soto's expeditions.

A Terraqueous Counter-Narrative in US History

For hundreds of years, Florida has had the reputation of being a little unstable.