This picture, based on a dagguerotype by Gabriel Harrison, shows American poet Walt Whitman at age 37 (1854).

The Complicated Fight Over Walt Whitman's Sole Surviving NYC Home

A somewhat neglected vinyl-sided house is now at the center of a literary legacy battle.
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn writing at his homemade table in Vermont, circa 1985.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Hid Out in a Tiny Vermont Village

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's best work was done in isolation, a long way from Soviet Russia.
Stitch McCarthy, the

The Little Mayors of the Lower East Side

Getting to know the New York City street mayors of the turn of the century.
Stone Mountain

What Will Happen to Stone Mountain, America’s Largest Confederate Memorial?

The Georgia landmark is a testament to the enduring legacy of white supremacy
The Emmet Till marker in late July, 2018.

People Keep Shooting Up The Sign Commemorating Emmett Till’s Murder

It has been a target of vandals ever since it was dedicated.
Chance White holds a confederate flag as he drives past a protest in October 2015.

Pride and Prejudice? The Americans Who Fly the Confederate Flag

A listening tour in Mississippi asks flag supporters why they still support a symbol that represents pain, division and difficult history.
The flag of the state of California (2009).

When California Was the Bear Republic

The story behind the iconic flag.
San Francisco's Pier 3, flanked by the financial district.

How Could 'The Most Successful Place on Earth' Get So Much Wrong?

In his new book, Richard Walker conjures the complexity of the Bay Area, and the perils of its immense, uneven wealth.
Holbrook Arizona's Wigwam Motel, off Route 66 (October 7, 2006).

The Wild Weird World of American Roadside Attractions

From "real" mermaids in Florida to the world's largest ball of twine, pulling off the highway is more fun than you would think.
Manzanar, surrounded by Californian desert and valleys, 1942.

Returning to Manzanar

Every year, a Japanese-American man visits the internment camp where he and his family were held when he was a child.
Key West’s vernacular architecture in Old Town.

This Man is an Island

How the Key West we know today became a reflection of one man’s campy sense of style.
The historic lunchroom at Dearfield, Colorado, is collapsing.

The Disappearing Story of the Black Homesteaders Who Pioneered The West

Once-vibrant African American homesteading communities are falling to ruin.