“This is an after-after-hours club that was right across from the Film Forum. This place stayed open from like five in the morning to five in the afternoon. It was where you went after the big S&M clubs — Anvil, Hellfire — in the Meatpacking District closed.

Old New York, Seen Through a Cab Driver’s Windshield

The people Joseph Rodriguez saw through the windshield in the 1970s and 80s.
The U.S. Army Motor Transport Corps in east Wyoming during its 1919 cross-country journey.

In 1919 Eisenhower Road Tripped Across the Country. It Didn't Go Well.

300 men and 3,000 miles of bad road.

The Princeton & Slavery Project

A vast, interactive collection of resources related to Princeton's involvement with the institution of slavery.
Map showing the distribution of the slave population of the southern states of the United States. Compiled from the census of 1860.

These Maps Reveal How Slavery Expanded Across the United States

As the hunger for more farmland stretched west, so too did the demand for enslaved labor.
Battle of Liberty Place monument in its original location on Canal Street in 1906.

Why the New Orleans Vote on Confederate Monuments Matters

The city council decides to remove four memorials that offered a distorted picture of the city’s past.
The site of the Stono rebellion off of South Carolina's Highway 17.

A Sign On Scrubland Marks One of America's Largest Slave Uprisings

The Stono rebellion of 1739 was the biggest slave rebellion in Britain’s North American colonies, but it is barely commemorated.
Smoke filled the sky at sunrise on October 22, 2007 at Witch Creek in San Diego, California.

California Burns

A meditation from 2007 on the connection between wildfire destruction and suburbanization in California.
Warning sign near Area 51 base in Nevada.

The Creepiest Urban Legend in Every State

Read at your own risk.
Detail from Egbert Viele’s 1856 topographical survey of the area to become Central Park, which shows some of the buildings and gardens of Seneca Village just before its destruction.

'The City Needed Them Out'

When wealthy New Yorkers decided to build Central Park, they eliminated an egalitarian community known as Seneca Village.
John Chapman memorial being dedicated in Richland County, Ohio on Sept. 26, 1953.

Johnny Appleseed's Monument

A community in Ohio keeps the memory of Johnny Appleseed alive.
Southern Seed & Feed Store (New Orleans, Louisiana, 1935).

The Price of Union

The Undefeatable South.
A New Orleans city worker measures the Jefferson Davis monument in New Orleans in preparation for removing it on May 4, 2017.

Which Confederate Statues Were Removed? A Running List

A list of all the monuments that have been removed and the cities that have removed them.