The site of the Stono rebellion off of South Carolina's Highway 17.

A Sign On Scrubland Marks One of America's Largest Slave Uprisings

The Stono rebellion of 1739 was the biggest slave rebellion in Britain’s North American colonies, but it is barely commemorated.
Smoke filled the sky at sunrise on October 22, 2007 at Witch Creek in San Diego, California.

California Burns

A meditation from 2007 on the connection between wildfire destruction and suburbanization in California.
Warning sign near Area 51 base in Nevada.

The Creepiest Urban Legend in Every State

Read at your own risk.
Detail from Egbert Viele’s 1856 topographical survey of the area to become Central Park, which shows some of the buildings and gardens of Seneca Village just before its destruction.

'The City Needed Them Out'

When wealthy New Yorkers decided to build Central Park, they eliminated an egalitarian community known as Seneca Village.
John Chapman memorial being dedicated in Richland County, Ohio on Sept. 26, 1953.

Johnny Appleseed's Monument

A community in Ohio keeps the memory of Johnny Appleseed alive.
Southern Seed & Feed Store (New Orleans, Louisiana, 1935).

The Price of Union

The Undefeatable South.
A New Orleans city worker measures the Jefferson Davis monument in New Orleans in preparation for removing it on May 4, 2017.

Which Confederate Statues Were Removed? A Running List

A list of all the monuments that have been removed and the cities that have removed them.
A view from Main Street of the Johnstown Flood's destruction (1889).

The Devastating 1889 Johnstown Flood Killed Over 2,000 People in Minutes

When a dam gave way after unprecedented rainfall, it sent a wall of water barreling toward a Pennsylvania town of 30,000 people.
Color lithograph fruit box label for 'Sunshine Fruits' from Burdine's of Miami. (1940s).

A Requiem for Florida, the Paradise That Should Never Have Been

As Hurricane Irma prepares to strike, it’s worth remembering that Mother Nature never intended us to live here.
Texans deal with the damage caused by the Galveston Hurricane, 1900.

How Texas Rebuilt After the Deadliest Hurricane in U.S. History

The 12-year process of creating a "new normal" in Galveston.
A stone marker for the Jefferson Davis Highway in Crawfordville, Georgia.

The Largest Confederate Monument in America Can't Be Taken Down

It has to be renamed, state by state.
A map created by the Home Owners' Loan Corporation of Oakland, Ca.

How Redlining’s Racist Effects Lasted for Decades

New research confirms that by declaring some neighborhoods bad risks for mortgages, 1930s-era appraisers altered the course of urban development..