A rare Colton pocket map of New York and the states of New England (1856)

The 400-Year-Old Rivalry

Understanding the rivalry between England and the Netherlands is crucial to understanding that between New England and New York.
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Inside the St. Louis Rent Strike of 1969

Led by African American women, the strike inspired legislation that affected the entire nation.

Reading the Black Hills Pioneer, Deadwood’s Newspaper

Here’s how the Black Hills Pioneer reported on major events in the HBO series.
Cleveland (Cuyahoga county, Ohio, United States), May 1973.

Oral Histories of The 1969 Cuyahoga River Fire

The events of June 1969 have come to define both Cleveland and the river. Some Clevelanders have a different story.
An 1831 woodcut depicts Nat Turner's slave rebellion.

The Birthplace of American Slavery Debated Abolishing it After Nat Turner’s Bloody Revolt

Virginia engaged in “the most public, focused, and sustained discussion of slavery and emancipation that ever occurred."
U.S. Army Rangers show off the ladders they used to scale the cliffs at Pointe du Hoc in France on June 6, 1944.

One of D-Day’s Most Famous, Heroic Assaults May Have Been Unnecessary

Pointe du Hoc’s importance as a military objective has become the subject of heated debate as the invasion’s anniversary approaches.
William Faulkner’s typewriter, preserved at his home, Rowan Oak, in Oxford.

The Artists and Writers Who Fought Racism With Satire in Jim Crow Mississippi

How William Faulkner and a small group of provocateurs challenged segregation in ways that resonate today.
Richard Dattner’s West 67th Street adventure playground (1966).

Reimagining Recreation

How the New Left, urban renewal, safety concerns, and child psychology affected the design of New York playgrounds.
Jolly Roger pirate flags.

The Generation of the Jolly Roger

26 pirates were put to death in Rhode Island on July 19, 1723. Their flag, and everything it stood for, hung with them.
Vermont Capitol, Montpelier.

The Push to Remove Any Mention of Slavery From Vermont’s Constitution

The state prides itself on its abolitionist history. But its identity has been shaken by recent racist incidents.

A People Map of the US

What does it look like when city names are replaced by their most Wikipedia’ed resident?
Reenactors shoot at each other during a performance of

The Wild West Meets the Southern Border

At first glance, frontier towns near the U.S.-Mexico border seem oblivious both of history and of the current political reality.