Report of the Common Council on Boston's high school for girls (1826).

The Girls High School Experiment

In 1830, Boston had just concluded a radical experiment — a high school for girls.
A stoning during the 1919 race riot.

1919 Race Riots in Chicago: A Look Back 100 Years Later

A century after the tragedies that shaped the nation's race relations.
A graphic depicting changes in voting demographics for Orange County, CA since 1994.

What's Old is New: How Orange County's Conservative Past Created its Demographics Today

As immigration flows changed, Orange County's demographics changed and so did its political leanings.
A prohibition supporter’s button.

Dry Times in the Highest State: Colorado’s Prohibition Movement

Placing Colorado’s early adoption of Prohibition in social and political context.
A pumpjack located south of Midland, Texas (2008).

Toxic Legacy: New Boom Highlights Oil’s Hundred-Year Environmental History in West Texas

The ecological history of West Texas challenges the narrative of the region's rugged independence.
Protesters march near the New York Stock Exchange during a demonstration marking the one-year anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement on September 17, 2012.

How Centuries of Protest Shaped New York City

A new book traces the “citymaking process” of riots and rebellions since the era of Dutch colonization to the present.
A street in Chinatown, Los Angeles, ca. 1898-1905.

Remapping LA

Before California was West, it was North and it was East: an arrival point for both Mexican and Chinese immigrants.
New York City police form a line outside Madison Square Garden to hold in check a crowd that packed the streets where the German American Bund's rally was held, February 20, 1939.

When Nazis Took Manhattan

In 1939, 20,000 American Nazis rallied in New York. It was billed as a "Pro-American" rally, but championed Hitler and fascism.
The 2007 remains of Bryant's Grocery in Money, Mississippi, the site where Emmet Till allgedly whistled at a white woman in 1955.

Emmett Till’s Murder, and How America Remembers Its Darkest Moments

He walked into a store and it changed civil rights. Now the store symbolizes the struggle to address the nation’s racial violence.
James Wolcott Adams' redraft of the Castello Plan (1916).

Illustrated Maps of New York Through the Ages

A selection of illustrated maps of New York spanning six centuries.
A Colonial Williamsburg historical interpreter and a table of colonial-era dishes (2008).

Colonial Williamsburg Serves Up The Past So You Can Try A Taste Of History

The living-history museum in Virginia re-creates 18th-century recipes in its restaurants using ingredients grown in the traditional way onsite. But some modern palates aren't too keen on the taste.
New York City views, skyline (ca. 1931).

A Skyline Is Born

A history of filmmakers retelling the story of New York’s architecture.