Women outside of a vacant commercial building (ca. 1930).

The Public Costs of Private Growth

Amazon, the Great Depression, and the fiscal history #HQ2 supporters miss.
Share of income earned by the top 1% from 1975-2015 of selected developed countries reported in the 2017 Economic Report of the President.

A Billionaires’ Republic

A new book argues that the Constitution’s framers believed that vast concentrations of wealth were the enemy of democracy.
So-called Rosie the Riveters working on the tail fuselage of a Douglas B-17 aircraft during World War II.

Rosie the Riveters Discovered a Wartime California Dream

Following wartime opportunities west, seven million “Rosie the Riveters” found more than just jobs when they reached California.
A surveillance camera.

Credit Bureaus Were the NSA of the 19th Century

They were enormous, tech-savvy, and invasive in their methods—and they enlisted Abraham Lincoln into their ranks.

The Fleecing of Millennials

Their incomes are flat. Their wealth is down. And Washington is aggravating future threats.
A sign erected across from the Sojourner Truth Housing Project in Detroit, 1942.

Who Segregated America?

For all of its strengths, Richard Rothstein’s new book does not account for the central role capitalism played in segregating America's cities.
The air traffic control tower at the Orlando International Airport.

How Air Traffic Controllers Helped End the Shutdown — and Changed History

It shows that labor still has some power, at least when public opinion is on its side.
An illustration from the Office of War Information encouraging Americans to read their local newspapers to be informed of rationing (1943).

Does Journalism Have a Future?

In an era of social media and fake news, journalists who have survived the print plunge have new foes to face.
After being apprehended by Border Patrol, undocumented immigrants wait to be transported to a central processing center shortly after they crossed the border near McAllen, Texas on March 26, 2018.

A Wall Can’t Solve America’s Addiction to Undocumented Immigration

For more than 70 years, undocumented immigrants have shaped the American economy.
President Trump and Homeland Security officials visit a production site for border wall prototypes in San Diego, March 2018.

The Hole in Donald Trump’s Wall

As long as Americans continue to flood into Mexico, the wall will do little to deter crossings.
A football scrimmage at the University of Alabama, with head coach Nick Saban analyzing every move (2010).

How Big Bonuses for Winning Coaches Became a Tradition in College Football

These bonuses are not a reaction to a multi-billion-dollar market that rewards winning – they are the foundation of it.
A Macy's department store in New York City (2007).

Did the Golden Age of Department Stores Bring Us Together?

What is now an object of nostalgia was once a symbol of soulless corporate creep.