Jonathan Zimmerman

William F. Buckley Jr. in 1958.

When Right-Wing Attacks on School Textbooks Fell Short

Some essential lessons from an earlier culture war.
Anti-evolution books for sale in Dayton, Tenn.

Why the Culture Wars in Schools Are Worse Than Ever Before

The history of education battles — from fights over evolution to critical race theory — shows why the country’s divisions are growing sharper.
Donald Trump and Greg Abbott on a stage.

The GOP is Reviving the Old History of Blaming Outsiders for Disease

But the evidence never backed it up before, and it doesn’t support such claims today either.
A man protesting for Mexican-American representation in history education.

Ethnic Studies Can’t Make Up for Whitewashed History in Classrooms

More diverse regular history classes are the key to a historically literate population.

William Randolph Hearst for President

Another news cycle, another media mogul stirring up electoral buzz.
Lithograph by Winslow Homer titled "Thanksgiving Day in the Army" depicting soldiers pulling apart a wishbone.

A Confederate Curriculum

How Miss Millie taught the Civil War.

What’s So Bad About Ken Burns?

The modern historical profession's purpose has changed drastically in the past century.
A broken pencil lays on top of a standardized testing answer sheet

What Today’s Education Reformers Can Learn From Henry David Thoreau

Snobbish elitism will hurt their cause.

Donald Trump, Jews and the Myth of Race

Until the 1940s, Jews in America were considered a separate race. Their journey to whiteness has important lessons.

Donald Trump’s Not-so-Silent Majority

Unlike Nixon's famous "silent majority," Trump's backers are loud - and growing in volume