Land Acquisition and Dispossession: Mapping the Homestead Act, 1863-1912

Year-by-year maps of homesteading claims and the dispossession of Native Americans.
Collage of maps representative of the project

Southern Journey: The Migrations of the American South 1790-2020

The maps embrace everyone —free and enslaved, from the first national census of the late 18th century to the sophisticated surveys of the early 21st century.

Renewing Inequality

An interactive set of maps documenting the more than 300,000 families displaced by urban renewal projects between 1955 and 1966.
Redlining map for Decatur, Illinois

Mapping Inequality: Redlining in New Deal America

In the 1930s, the federal government created redlining maps for almost every major U.S. city. Explore those maps and their contexts in a brand new version of this project.

The Forced Migration of Enslaved People

An interactive set of maps and narratives of the forced migration of approximately 850,000 enslaved people from 1810-1860.
Interactive map of the U.S. Overland Trails, 1840 to 1860, showing cross-country migration routes.

The Overland Trails 1840-1860

An interactive map of overland trails that settlers followed on their western journeys.
Interactive map (above) and graph (below) showing the canals of the American Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, 1820 to 1860.

Canals 1820-1890

An interactive map of U.S. canals in the first half of the 19th century.

Foreign Born Population 1850-2010

An interactive map of immigrant populations in the United States.