Bunk is, at its core, a connection engine. Each day,* we comb the internet for interesting articles, opinion pieces, videos, maps, visualizations, and other digital content that engages the American past. We manually tag each piece of content, and excerpt it on our own site alongside other material from our archive that intersects with it in some way.

As you explore the site, you’ll notice several specific types of connections being made. They are:

Rewind: Similar themes in an earlier era
Fast-Forward: Similar themes in a later era
Meanwhile: Happening around the same time
Core Idea: Shares a fundamental theme
Nearby: Shares a geographical location
People: Involves the same individuals
Related: Some combination of all of the above
Another Angle: Similar themes, from a different Bunk section
From the Archive: A related primary source

Do you have an idea for a new type of connection that you’d like to see on Bunk? We’d love to hear it. Got a favorite American history-themed essay or video? Send it our way.

* Our curatorial project began in spring of 2017. As a result, the majority of content in our archive was published between then and now.