Bunk is, at its core, a connection engine. As you explore the site, you’ll notice several specific types of connections being made. They are:

Rewind: Similar themes in an earlier era
Fast-Forward: Similar themes in a later era
Meanwhile: Happening around the same time
Core Idea: Shares a fundamental theme
Nearby: Shares a geographical location
People: Involves the same individuals
Related: Some combination of all of the above
Another Angle: Similar themes, from a different Bunk section
From the Archive: A related primary source

All of the connections displayed on Bunk are based on an extensive set of backend tags. We are constantly improving our taxonomies, but every so often a questionable result will slip through. Notice an odd connection? Let us know. Have an idea for a new type of connection that you’d like to see on Bunk? We’d love to hear it.