Donald Trump

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Confrontation between a member of the DC Metropolitan Police and an insurrectionist on January 6 wearing a Make America Great Again hat

If It Walks Like an Insurrection and Talks Like an Insurrection…

Trump has no rightful place in the leadership of the American Republic.
A cartoon Trump is shooed away by a hand in a judge's robe

The Case for Disqualification

Three years later, amid another national election, the American public is still slow to understand the enormity of January 6, 2021.
A sign left behind by Trump supporters at a rally outside the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California, September 27, 2023.

American Fascism

On how Europe’s interwar period informs the present.
Stack of papers with an image of the Capitol building printed on the side.

What the January 6th Report Is Missing

The investigative committee singles out Trump for his role in the attack. As prosecution, the report is thorough. But as historical explanation it’s a mess.
Rep. Bennie Thompson speaking at the Jan. 6 committee hearings.

January 6 Committee Final Public Meeting

Video testimony and evidence presented by the House Select Committee to recommend criminal prosecution of Donald Trump.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump tosses a paper with polling statistics during a town hall event on Oct. 6, 2016, in Sandown, N.H.

‘He Never Stopped Ripping Things Up’: Inside Trump’s Relentless Document Destruction Habits

Trump’s shredding of paper in the White House was far more widespread and indiscriminate than previously known.
President Donald Trump stepping out from behind a blue curtain

The Trump Presidency Is History. They’re Writing the First Draft.

Academics gathered to write the first scholarly history of the Trump administration. How do they contextualize a presidency that may have “jumped the shark”?
Donald Trump in front of Mount Rushmore

Trump’s Vision for American History Education Is a Nightmare

But it’s one historians know all too well.

Trump Calls for More Patriotic Education

The president has blamed schools for spurring the unrest in several U.S. cities that has led in some cases to looting and fires.
Donald Trump giving a speech in front of a large photo of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

‘The Most Ignorant and Unfit’: What Made America’s Worst Ever Leader?

The real challenge is not simply to replace Trump, but to fix a system that produces, promotes, and protects the toxicity that defines his presidency.

The Unpresident and the Unredeemed Promise

A combination of historical surpluses—the afterlives of slavery, of the deranged presidency—has raised the stakes in the present struggle.

Historians' Statement on the Impeachment of President Trump

Over 1000 historians have signed this statement condemning President Trump's actions.
Trump through a television camera.

How TV Paved America’s Road to Trump

“A brand mascot that jumped off the cereal box”: a TV critic explains the multimedia character Trump created.

The Real Donald Trump Is a Character on TV

Understand that, and you’ll understand what he’s doing in the White House.

An Oral History of Trump’s Bigotry

His racism and intolerance have always been in evidence; only slowly did he begin to understand how to use them to his advantage.

The Suffocation of Democracy

Trump is not Hitler and Trumpism is not Nazism. Still, we are witnessing a story that's unlikely to have a happy ending.

Trumpism Is the New McCarthyism

Just as as McCarthyism did decades ago, Trumpism conceals the Republican Party’s long-term program to dismantle the public sector.

How the 1970s Shaped Trump's Vision

The one consistent message coming out of today's White House was born in the 1970s: Don’t trust any institution.
Donald Trump in the Oval Office, with a portrait of Andrew Jackson in the background.

The Man Who Put Andrew Jackson in Trump’s Oval Office

Historian Walter Russell Mead has become the favorite Trump whisperer for everyone from Steve Bannon to Tom Cotton.

How Trump Ranks in Popularity vs. Past Presidents

Putting Trump's approval rating in historical context.