Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. speaks to reporters during a march en route to Jackson, Mississippi, June 11, 1966.

Restoring King

There is no figure in recent American history whose memory is more distorted than Martin Luther King Jr.

50 Years Later, It Feels Familiar: How America Fractured in 1968

Imagining what the year would have looked like in mobile push-alerts.
Martin Luther King, Jr. speaks at a New York City press conference for Clergy & Laymen Concerned About Vietnam, January 12, 1968. He announced the Poor People's March on Washington at this event.

Martin Luther King Jr. Spent the Last Year of His Life Detested by the Liberal Establishment

King was roundly denounced for his stances against the Vietnam War and injustices north of the Mason-Dixon line.
Danny Lyon outside a movement headquarters in Albany, Georgia, 1962.

Memories of Mississippi

SNCC staff photographer Danny Lyon recounts his experiences in the early days of the civil rights movement.
General Toussaint Louverture, best-known leader from the Haitian Revolution (1791-1804).

Why Haiti Should be at the Centre of the Age of Revolution

Haiti, not the US or France, was where the assertion of human rights reached its climax in the Age of Revolution.
Lincoln Memorial.

The Crumbling Monuments of the Age of Marble

The 20th century produced monuments to a false consensus—can the 21st century create a more representative commemorative sphere?
Astronaut John W. Young, prime crew command module pilot of the Apollo 10 lunar orbit mission, 1969.

R.I.P. Astronaut John Young, The First Man to Get Yelled at for Smuggling a Sandwich into Space

Remembering the life of astronaut John Young and the time he took an unauthorized corn beef sandwich into space.
A collection of books from the Basking Ridge Historical Society.

Writing History

On my transition from editor of terrible history books to a writer of mediocre ones.
A photographer bleeding from a head wound given to him by police during the protests in Grant Park outside the 1968 Democratic National Convention. August 28, 1968.

1968’s Chaos: The Assassinations, Riots and Protests that Defined Our World

With 2018 marking the 50th anniversary of that extraordinary year, thousands of historians descend on Washington to consider 1968’s meaning and global context
Columbus Circle at night.

Columbus Circle Without Columbus?

New York's statue debate hits Italian-Americans hard.
President Donald Trump attends a Hanukkah Reception in the East Room of the White House, December 7, 2017.

Was 2017 the Craziest Year in U.S. Political History?

A dozen historians weigh in.
The exterior of the newly dedicated Mississippi Civil Rights Museum in Jackson, Mississippi.

The New Mississippi Civil Rights Museum Refuses to Sugarcoat History

Our critic visits a museum whose story is unfolding, from 1960s Jackson to Charlottesville. It leaves us upset —and that’s good.