The unfinished Crazy Horse memorial (1998).

Who Speaks for Crazy Horse?

The world’s largest monument is decades in the making and more than a little controversial.
Michael W. Twitty at work.

Dear Disgruntled White Plantation Visitors, Sit Down

Michael W. Twitty on the changing tides of plantation interpretation.
West Point's statue of Ulysses S Grant, dedicated on April 25th, 2019.

Moral Courage and the Civil War

Monuments ask us to look at the past, but how they do it exposes crucial aspects of the present.
The 'Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe' in Berlin.

Slavery and the Holocaust: How Americans and Germans Cope With Past Evils

Susan Neiman’s “Learning From the Germans” looks at the different ways two countries deal with their history.
An illustration of Dutch enslavers bringing the first slaves to Jamestown in 1619.

Slavery Was Not a Secondary Part of Our History

In America, liberty and bondage have always been intertwined.

Writing the History of Capitalism with Class

The "new history of capitalism" cuts class politics at the expense of history.

Muskets! Axes! Revolt! Here Are the Plans for a Reenactment of an Actual 1811 Rebellion

This fall 500 Louisianans, in 19th-century attire, will re-create America’s largest plantation uprising.
Panel of

We’re Getting These Murals All Wrong

The murals have been denounced as demeaning, and defended as an exposé of America’s racist past. Both sides miss the point.
Buzz Aldrin salutes the US flag on the surface of the Moon during the Apollo 11 lunar mission (1969).

Whose Apollo Are We Talking About?

A review of Roger D. Launius's "Apollo’s Legacy" and Teasel E. Muir-Harmony's "Apollo to the Moon."
U.S. Supreme Court (2019).

Could Footnotes Be the Key to Winning the Disinformation Wars?

Armed with footnotes, we can save democracy.
Statue of Althea Gibson in front of Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York, Aug. 26, 2019.

Althea Gibson, Who Smashed Racial Barriers in Tennis, Honored With Statue at U.S. Open

'It’s about time,' said former doubles partner Angela Buxton.
President Donald Trump stands in front of a painting of former President Teddy Roosevelt during a ceremony to sign an executive order establishing the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council, Dec. 12, 2018.

Who Owns Theodore Roosevelt?

From Elizabeth Warren to Mike Pence, politicians want to claim America’s 26th president as their inspiration. They might want to reconsider.