Martin Luther King, Jr. recovers from an emergency thoracotomy in Harlem Hospital after a September 1958 assassination attempt.

Rewriting My Grandfather’s MLK Story

In excavating the story of King’s visit to Harlem Hospital, I uncovered my grandfather’s own fight for civil rights.
The courtyard of Calhoun College at Yale University.

Names in the Ivy League

The argument over renaming Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School is neither trivial nor simple.
George Washington Custis Lee (1832–1913) on horseback with staff reviewing Confederate Reunion Parade in Richmond, Virginia, on June 3, 1907.

“Richmond Reoccupied by Men Who Wore the Gray”

In 1890, the former Confederate capital erected a monument to Robert E. Lee-and reasserted white supremacy.
A PGM-11 Redstone missile on display at the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History in Albuquerque.

Our Nukes, Ourselves

Nuclear heritage and nuclear stewardship in a quiet desert town.
Anti-Vietnam war protesters flood the grounds outside the Pentagon, October 1967.

What Was the Vietnam War About?

Was it about anti-Communism? Civil war? Anti-colonialism? The answer matters, and not just to historians.

How Women's Studies Erased Black Women

The founders of Women’s Studies were overwhelmingly white, and focused on the experiences of white, heterosexual women.
Jefferson Davis is inaugurated as President of the Confederacy in 1861

The Battle Over Confederate Heritage Month

A Southern governor proclaimed April Confederate Heritage Month. Will slavery be mentioned?
A photograph of Elizabeth Keckley in 1861

Dressmaking Led Elizabeth Keckley From Slavery to the White House

But her memoir caused a rift with Mary Todd Lincoln.
Charles G. Koch.

How Charles Koch Is Helping Neo-Confederates Teach College Students

The Koch Foundation is often praised for its higher-ed funding, but the money is going to some radical professors.
Mark Rudd, president of Students for a Democratic Society, addresses students at Columbia University, May 3, 1968.

At Columbia, Revisiting the Revolutionary Students of 1968

50 years later, protesters reflect on the long-neglected story of the African-American students who occupied one building.
Historian Eric Foner speaks at

Slavery and Freedom

Eric Foner, Walter Johnson, Thavolia Glymph, and Annette Gordon-Reed discuss trends in the study of slavery and emancipation.
Irish immigrant memorial in Toronto, Canada.

No, the Irish Were Not Slaves Too

Historian Liam Hogan has spent the last six years debunking the Irish slave myth.