Data from: CBS News Poll, February 2000; New York Times Poll, June 2000. YouGov/Economist Poll, February 2018.

Democrats and Republicans Are Increasingly Divided On the Value of Teaching Black History

Partisanship is much more polarized by racial attitudes than it was 20 years ago.
Slave pen, Alexandria, VA. Photo ca. 1861-1869.

When Emancipation Finally Came, Slave Markets Took on a Redemptive Purpose

During the Civil War, slave pens held captive Confederate soldiers. After, they became rallying points for a newly empowered community.
Woman trying VR technology in Stockholm, Sweden (2017).

The Future of History Lessons is a VR Headset

A conversation with the creator of a virtual reality experience that takes you inside the protests leading up to MLK Jr.’s death.
Members of the 369th (15th N.Y.), also known as the Harlem Hellfighters, who won the Croix de Guerre for gallantry in action during WWI.

Retracing Du Bois’ Missteps

A historian probes the ‘tragedy’ of the famed scholar's failed WWI history.
Woman's Peace Party members before demonstration, New York, 1916.

Five Myths About World War I

The United States wasn't filled with isolationists, and it wasn't exactly neutral before 1917.

How One Amateur Historian Brought Us the Stories of African-Americans Who Knew Abraham Lincoln

Once John E. Washington started to dig, he found an incredible wealth of untapped knowledge about the 16th president.
170 presidential historians' rankings of the best American presidents broken up by political party.

How Does Trump Stack Up Against the Best — and Worst — Presidents?

How scholars of politics rate the presidents — including the current one.
The streets were lined with civilian casualties after the My Lai Massacre.

The Ghosts of My Lai

In the hamlet where U.S. troops killed hundreds of civilians, survivors are ready to forgive the most infamous American soldier.
Louise Day Hicks, a leader of the movement against busing to achieve desegregation in public schools, during her campaign for Boston City Council in 1969.

The Women Behind White Power

The history of the nation’s racism lets its most effective foot soldiers off the hook.
A photo of Mark Twain, 1907.

The Impossibility of Knowing Mark Twain

Even Twain's own autobiography cannot reveal the whole truth of the literary legend.
Formerly enslaved woman Virginia Newman in 1937. Newman told an interviewer that Lincoln passed through Jasper County, Texas, shook Newman's hand, and called on the white population to free their slaves. “Some folks say dat ain’ Abr’am Lincoln,” remarked Newman, “but I knowed better.

Abraham Lincoln's Secret Visits to Slaves

Former slaves claimed the president came to plantations disguised as a beggar or a peddler, telling them they’d soon be free. 

History in the Face of Catastrophe

After my son died, how could I know anything for certain?