John C. Calhoun Statue and steeple of Citadel Square Baptist Church, Charleston, South Carolina.

The Future of our Confederate Monuments Rests With the Kids

The perspectives of older Americans have dominated the debate. It's time we pay more attention to what younger people have to say.
The Edmund Pettus Bridge, Selma, Alabama.

Kings of the Confederate Road

Two writers — one black, one white — journey to Selma, Alabama, in search of "Southern heritage." This is their dialogue. 
A man and young boy walk past a statue of Christopher Columbus in Washington, D.C. that was vandalized with red paint (October 14, 2002)

America’s Statue Wars Are a Family Feud

Arguments about the removal of Confederate monuments lay bare what an exasperating country General Lee failed to destroy.
A 3d Marine Division Thanksgiving menu, dated 1966.

Feeling Conflicted on Thanksgiving

For Viet Thanh Nguyen, a member of a refugee family, Thanksgiving does not bring up warm and fuzzy memories.
The rainbow flag, often known as the gay pride flag.

The Story Behind California's Unprecedented Textbooks

California Is adopting LGBT-Inclusive history textbooks. It's the latest chapter in a centuries-long fight.
Gen. James Longstreet, after the war (betw. 1865 and 1880)

The Confederate General Who Became a 'Race Traitor'

Once General Robert E. Lee’s right-hand man, General Longstreet would become known as ‘the Judas of the Lost Cause.’
Trump supporters display a Confederate flag at a rally in Jacksonville on November 3, 2016.

Trump Sounds Ignorant of History. But Racist Ideas Often Masquerade as Ignorance.

The White House's fumbling about slavery and the Civil War fits a long pattern in American politics.
Arrest card of Lee Harvey Oswald, 1963.

A Birthday Party for This Patsy?

Every year, a group in New Orleans gets together to celebrate the birthday of Lee Harvey Oswald, who they believe was framed.

The Decision to Secede and Establish the Confederacy

A selection of primary sources compiled by the American Historical Association.
A print of General Robert E. Lee surrendering to General Grant. From

Let’s Relitigate the Civil War

There can be no "compromise" with the false view of America's past from Trumpists and pop historians alike.
The statue of George Washington outside Federal Hall in Manhattan (May 11, 2010).

The Next Lost Cause

Why the slope from toppling Confederate monuments to shunning the Founders is so slippery.
Dukes Of Hazzard Car, 'General Lee'

I Grew Up as a Black Southerner Idolizing Robert E. Lee

I didn't know the Confederate general owned slaves. I didn't even know he was part of the Confederacy.