Now More Than Ever, We Need Less History

The “now more than ever” tendency is everywhere.

Myth of Black Confederates Won't Go Away

Two South Carolina lawmakers dust off a familiar trope in an attempt to fight back against Confederate monument removals.
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The Ken Burns Vietnam War Documentary Glosses Over Devastating Civilian Toll

The PBS series by Burns focuses on soldiers' stories, with scant attention to the immense number of Vietnamese civilians who suffered and died.
Rendering of planned Memorial to Peace and Justice.

Hanged, Burned, Shot, Drowned, Beaten

In a region where symbols of the Confederacy are ubiquitous, an unprecedented memorial takes shape.
Ronald Reagan signs the bill commemorating Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday as a national holiday in 1983.

The Sanitizing of Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks

An interview with political scientist Jeanne Theoharis about the uses and abuses of civil rights heroes.
Christopher Columbus lands on Watling Island and meets the natives, while three of his shipmates erect a cross (1492)

How Columbus Day Fell Victim to Its Own Success

It's worth remembering that the now-controversial holiday started as a way to empower immigrants and celebrate American diversity.
Jose Maria Velasco painting

How Columbus, Of All People, Became a National Symbol

Christopher Columbus was a narcissist.
The landing of Columbus at San Salvador, October 12, 1492

1492: Columbus in American Memory

Columbus Day is here again -- along with the controversy over its namesake. How have earlier generations understood him?
Statue of Christopher Columbus in Providence, Rhode Island.

Recontextualizing the Ocean Blue

Italian Americans and the commemoration of Columbus.
United Daughters of the Confederacy members photographed in 1912.

The Confederacy’s ‘Living Monuments’

In helping create the myth of the “Lost Cause,” the United Daughters did a lot more than just build statues.
Filmmaker Ken Burns speaks onstage during the PBS Press tour 'Ken Burns's The Roosevelts: An Intimate History' (2014)

What’s So Bad About Ken Burns?

The modern historical profession's purpose has changed drastically in the past century.
Dylann Roof's mugshot

A Most American Terrorist

The Making Of Dylann Roof.