Shirley Chisholm campaigning for Congress at a Brooklyn housing project, October 26, 1968.

New York City Women in the House (of Representatives)

A look at 90 years of strong congresswomen.
President Ronald Reagan taking questions during a press conference, February 24, 1982.

'Not a Racist Bone in His Body’: The Origins of the Default Defense Against Racism

The rise of the colorblind ideology that prevents us from addressing racism.
The Socialist Party's presidential candidate, Norman Thomas, parades down Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee, Sept. 28, 1932.

When Socialism Was Tried in America—and Was a Smashing Success

For much of the 20th century, Milwaukee was run by socialists — and Time magazine called it “one of the best-run cities in the U.S.”
USS Carl Vinson in the western Pacific region, with USS Ronald Reagan and Japan's Hyuga in the background, June 1, 2017.

Is This the End of the American Century?

Has Trump permanently damaged the credibility of the Presidential office?
An illustration from 1905 depicting a group of ships with Theodore Roosevelt's face on them and the figure of Peace aboard them sailing across the ocean.

The Myth of the American Frontier

Greg Grandin’s new book charts the past and present of American expansionism and its high human costs.

How the South Won the Civil War

During Reconstruction, true citizenship finally seemed in reach for black Americans. Then their dreams were dismantled.
New York state nurses at the People's Climate March on September 21, 2014.

The New Working Class

Democrats should abandon the specter of the right-wing hard hat, and recognize today's working class for what it really is.
President Franklin D Roosevelt making a speech in front of a bank of microphones (1941).

168 Days: Recalling an Old-Fashioned Court Packing Drama

After months of political maneuvering, intrigue, backroom bargaining, and furious oratory, the fate of FDR's plan was clear.
Chicago's Mayor-elect Harold Washington proclaims victory, April 13, 1983.

‘It’s a Racial Thing, Don’t Kid Yourself’: An Oral History of Chicago’s 1983 Mayoral Race

How Harold Washington became Chicago’s first black mayor.
Silhouettes of 2016 presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Goodbye, Cold War

For the first time, we are living in a truly post-cold-war political environment in the United States.
Immigrants after their arrival in Ellis Island by ship in 1902.

Not So Evident

How experts and their facts created immigration restriction.
Ari Fleischer and President George W. Bush in the hours after learning of the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

Ari Fleischer Lied, and People Died

The former Bush mouthpiece had more to do personally with the Iraq WMD catastrophe than he wants us to believe.