How Corrupt Are Our Politics?

A review of Zephyr Teachout's "Corruption in America: From Benjamin Franklin’s Snuff Box to Citizens United."
Robert Smalls, born in Beaufort, SC, April 1839.

Terrorized African-Americans Found Their Champion in Civil War Hero Robert Smalls

The congressman and former slave claimed whites had killed 53,000 African-Americans. Few took him seriously—until now.
Central American migrant boys taking part in the 'Migrant Via Crucis' caravan  to reach the US border, one with an Honduran national flag, on April 9, 2018.

The Central American Child Refugee Crisis: Made in U.S.A.

By supporting repressive governments, the U.S. has fueled the violence that has caused tens of thousands of kids to flee north.
The floor of the House as President Gerald Ford delivers the 1975 State of the Union address.

How the ‘Watergate Babies’ Broke American Politics

In an effort to open Congress, they institutionalized a confrontational style that permeates contemporary politics today.
Portrait of George Washington Plunkitt, ca. 1910-1915.

The Case for Corruption

Why Washington needs more honest graft.
Trump International Hotel, March 23 2017. Trump maintains that his renovation of the old post office into a luxury hotel does not violate an agreement preventing U.S. government officials from profiting off the property.

Donald Trump, Swamp Creature

Embracing the swamp won't sink Trump immediately. But it will sink him eventually.
President Franklin D. Roosevelt addresses a joint session of Congress,  March 4, 1939.

Trump's National Security Justification for Tariffs is Not as Strange as it Sounds

Our concept of national security is so broad it can encompass virtually anything.
John Dean's cover memo to the original

Trump's Nixon-Style Enemies List

The parallel with Nixon leads to this question: Will voters still hold a president accountable for abuse of power?
On July 6th 1776, the Pennsylvania Evening Post published the first newspaper printing of the newly adopted Declaration of Independence.

Convulsions Within: When Printing the Declaration of Independence Turns Partisan

Even America's founding document isn't immune to the powers of polarization.
Protestors of the admission of the

White Supremacy Has Always Been Mainstream

“Very fine people”—fathers and husbands, as well as mothers and daughters—have always been central to the work of white supremacy.
Aerial view of of Seagoville Enemy Alien Detention Station, Texas, 1947.

The Logic of Militant Democracy

From domestic concentration camps to the war on terror.
An integrated classroom in Anacostia High School, Washington, D.C. in 1957.

Have We Lost Faith in Public Education?

Economic rationales for schooling are eroding democracy.