The Invention of the 'White Working Class'

A spate of new books explores the composition and motivations of the demographic that has been credited with electing Trump.
A supporter reacts to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump as he speaks to a mostly white audience during a rally at Valdosta State University in Georgia.

Does the White Working Class Really Vote Against Its Own Interests?

Trump has revived an age-old debate about why some people choose race over class—and how far they will go to protect the system.
Row of houses in an suburban neighborhood, circa 1950s.

How ‘Not in My Backyard’ Became ‘Not in My Neighborhood’

The expectation that homeowners should be able to reach beyond their property lines has become deeply embedded.
Secretary of Defense McNamara, President Lyndon Johnson and Secretary of State Dean Rusk meet with the US Ambassador to South Vietnam on 11 September 1964.

How the Tet Offensive Undermined American Faith in Government

Fifty years ago, the January 1968 battle laid bare the way U.S. leaders had misled the public about the war in Vietnam.
Fidel Castro giving a speech in December of 1969 with the national flag of Cuba in the background.

Operation Mongoose: The Story of America's Efforts to Overthrow Castro

And how they helped seal America’s fate in Vietnam.
Joseph Stalin and Franklin Delano Roosevelt at the Tehran Conference in 1943.

The World the Cold War Built

A new book says the conflict began in the late 19th century and subsumed even World War II as our defining event.
Political economist and historian Gar Alperovitz.

The Untold Story of the Pentagon Papers Co-Conspirators

A historian reveals the crucial role that he played in helping Daniel Ellsberg leak the documents to journalists.
FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover testifies before the Senate internal security committee, Nov. 17, 1953.

Donald Trump Wants to Fight the FBI? It’s a Suicide Mission.

Presidents who take on the Bureau rarely win.
An 1899 satirical political cartoon reflecting America's imperial ambitions in the wake of the Spanish-American War of 1898.

The Large Policy

How the Spanish-American War laid the groundwork for American empire.
A satire of the 1838 New York mayoral contest uses horse racing as political metaphor.

The Forgotten Origins of Politics in Sports

Black athletes didn’t “politicize” American sports. They’ve been a battleground from the very beginning.
Paul Manafort, then an advisor to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's campaign, checks the teleprompters before Trump's speech at the Mayflower Hotel, April 27, 2016 in Washington, DC.

Paul Manafort, American Hustler

Before Trump, one lobbyist’s pursuit of foreign cash and shady deals laid the groundwork for Washington’s corruption.

How Do We Explain This National Tragedy? This Trump?

On 400 Years of Tribalism, Genocide, Expulsion, and Imprisonment.