Thomas Heflin, 1912.

Worse than Roy Moore?

The congressman who Alabamians later complained "made them the laughing stock of the Union."
Alabama State Capitol, Montgomery, AL

The New Racism

A glimpse inside the Alabama State House suggests that the civil rights movement may have reached its end.
Harvey Weinstein at the

No, There Is No Witch Hunt Against Powerful Men

They're the hunters, not the hunted.

Flash Mob: Revolution, Lightning, and the People’s Will

Why French revolutionaries, in need of an image to represent the all important “will of the people”, turned to the thunderbolt.

The Artifacts of White Supremacy

Why fiery crosses, white robes, and the American flag were seized upon by the 1920s Klan in its campaign for white nationalism.

What Facebook Did to American Democracy

And why it was so hard to see it coming.
A political cartoon showing four leaders of large companies sitting on bags of

The Cold War and the Welfare State

If you look hard enough, you can almost find ideological consistency in the Republicans’ breathtaking tax bill.
The First Blow for Liberty, print by A.H. Ritchie

How Rape Was Used as a Weapon During the Revolutionary War

"They threatened to poison the girls, to run a bayonet through their hearts."
Robert Mugabe, then president of Zimbabwe, at the African Union Summit, Ethiopia, 2008.

How the U.S. Aided Robert Mugabe’s Rise

Cold War politics empowered democracy — and dictatorship.

The Troubled Rise of the Technocrat

The notion that a government’s chief obligation is getting stuff done is a fairly recent arrival on the historical scene.
President Donald Trump takes questions from reporters on the South Lawn of the White House on September 29, 2017.

Triumph of the Shill

The political theory of Trumpism.
The French and Indian War

3 Ways to Think About the American Revolution

The complex combination of grievances that fueled the war had to do with taxes, class, and nationalism.